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Waterslide Extreme - Dare Digital

Waterslide Extreme iPhone App Review.

Waterslide Extreme for the iPhone and iPod Touch is still currently ranking as no. 1 for Top Free Apps in the App Store, so we decided to take a slide down this newest creation, released just last week. With Waterslide Extreme, you take control of a character of a gender of your choice (male or female) and slide down a gigantic waterslide through a beautifully designed cityscape, by day or by night. Your task is to get to the bottom unharmed and collect as many gems as possible along the way.

In the game, you must tilt your device to avoid going over board, and stay in the slide until the bottom. Collect as many gems as you can and the faster you go the more bonus points you get at the end. The graphics are pretty downright great. Your device responds in real time and the game renders pretty nice and fast. Perhaps the game's main issue has to deal with controls, as you need some time to get used to them, especially if this is your first game where the iPhone's accelerometer is used in combination with tilting the device to control your character. But once you've got the hang of them, your ready to head down the slide, with no real problems.

The game features 9 levels of play, with varying difficulty as you advance. Keep your character on track and avoid falling off the edge of the pipe, or you lose a life. Having lost all three, you're back to square one, but the game gives you extra lives if you manage to slide through the levels. You can ride the game in either 1st or 3rd person view, which is an added bonus at no cost to your pocket.

Normally, it would just be a regular game with nice graphics. But the point of this game is advertising. If you haven't noticed it yet (yes, it's small, unobtrusive and so-not-obnoxious), there's a little Barclay Card logo with the game screen, plus spontaneous ads you can notice within the slide itself. If you weren't aware, then this ad will look familiar after having given the game a shot.

Bottom line, as nice a game as it is, we believe the app gained momentum due to its release, but Waterslide Extreme will slowly but surely lose it and get itself washed down from the Top Apps. The app is available for free in the App Store, so you can have a go at it yourself and tell us what you think.


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Waterslide Extreme

Developer: Dare Digital
Category: Games
Updated: September 18th, 2009
Price: FREE
Our Rating

3 / 5

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