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Inhale Here - Gerrit Wijnants

Inhale Here iPhone App Review.

Inhale Here from Gerrit Wijnants will turn your iPhone and iPod Touch into a Helium-filled balloon and let you lighten up the atmosphere at any party.

The iPhone app has no bells or whistles. It's designed simply to do one thing: make you sound really funny. All you have to do is put your mouth to the device's microphone, start inhaling, and then have your go and talk in the mic. The app will take what you just said in your normal voice and turn it into a high-pitched version, just as if you were inhaling Helium from the iPhone.

Needless to say that you're not really inhaling Helium or any other substance from your iPhone. Inhale Here will basically detect when you're breathing next to the microphone to make that balloon on the screen grwo smaller and smaller. When you're asked to speak, the app will record your voice and then process it by altering the pitch. You then get a high-pitched version of what you just said from the iPhone speakers.

It's not much, but I can easily remember the fun we used to have a parties when popping a few rounds of Helium from the balloons and saying the craziest things. We always had a blast, and this is exactly what this app wants you to do. Enjoy it! A lite version is free to download in the App Store, while the full version costs $0.99. I haven't quite figured out what the differences are.


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Inhale Here

Developer: Gerrit Wijnants
Category: Entertainment
Released: July 17th, 2009
Price: $0.99
Our Rating

3 / 5

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