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Break the Codemaker’s Code

Posted by AppBite Team
CodeMaster - Carl

Code iPhone App Review.

Code is the newest puzzle game for the iPhone and iPod Touch competing for the attention of our puzzle game addicts. With Code from developer Carl H. Blomqvist, you're given the task to decode the Codemaker's pattern on the Decoding Board.

As an aspiring Codebreaker, you are dealing with a 6 x 6 grid containing a total of 36 differently colored codes that are placed out of order. You start by having the Decoding Board all one code, and you can choose from the Decoding Pallete containing the 6 possible codes what code to place where on the board. Whenever you want to verify a combination you've created, hit the GO! button on the top-right side of the screen to trigger the Key Verifier. Essentially, it will tell you all you need to know to finish the puzzle.

To start with, the game features over 500 codes to break, distributed on a 5-level difficulty scale. Scoring is automatically calculated. If you get it right the first time, you're awarded 100 points. Every unsuccessful at breaking the code will result in a -1 point from your score.

The key to the game lies within the Key Verifier and how to decode that. The Key Verifier itself is color-coded, with three colors: red, white and black. It is essentially the Decoding Board on a smaller scale, colored in three or less colors, that tells you what you need to change to successfully break the code. Black signifies the wrong color code. This means the code simply doesn't contain that color code at all. White signifies the right color, but at the wrong position on the Decoding Board. You've at least found a color-code, now you have to place it where it needs to be. Red means you got the right color at the right position. No change needed there.

The first few levels should ideally take you up to speed with everything the game wants from you. You only have to deal with 2 or 3 color-codes from the possible 6, so it's merely a matter of finding out which ones. Things will get pretty interesting on the higher levels, when the Decoding Board will get lit up like a Christmas Tree. Becoming a strategist becomes a must, if you want to keep as many of those points as you can. This means fewer mistakes and code-redos. That's fewer guesses. And that's tough. The game does rely a bit on luck, but only until you find the colors you need. From then on, it's making decisions and, sure, a few lucky guesses.

The game is available for your iPhone or iPod Touch from the App Store at $0.99. That's less than 2 cents for every 10 levels of game play. It also features a lite version available for free with the first 100 levels from the full version. It's a steal, really.


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Developer: Carl H. Blomqvist
Category: Games
Released: July 24th, 2009
Price: $0.99
Our Rating

3 / 5

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