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Bicolor Your World This Week

Posted by Maria Poeana
Bicolor - 1Button SARL

Bicolor iPhone Game Review.

If you’re looking for a smart puzzle game, Bicolor is definitely a game you must try this week. It’s currently the App of the Week in the App Store, so, you can have it for free this week only. And, even if it might seem tricky at first, you’ll get charmed by Bicolor in no time.

You have to play it to understand it

Bicolor is such a simple game that it’s complicated to describe it. So, I won’t even go into detail, because this will only make it look extremely complicated, when, in fact, Bicolor is anything but. In short, you start every level with two colors on the screen, and by the end of each level, a single color out of the two must feel the entire screen. That is, of course, the color that was filling most of the screen space at the beginning of the level. To do so, you move colored squares from one place to another, and so you paint the screen in the color of that square.

Now, what makes the game a brain tease that requires a bit of strategical thinking, is that you can move the squares only a certain number of times. And you can’t drag them wherever you want. You can’t put one yellow square here, and one yellow square there. They need to form a cursive line.

So simple that it might seem tricky at first

Bicolor is an extremely minimalistic puzzle game, with a simple, yet effective design, and basic rules. I, however, didn’t find it so intuitive. Even if the Tutorial was short and to the point, the first couple of levels were a bit confusing. I was clearing the levels, but I didn’t quite understand what I was doing right. Then, I figured out the purpose of all the numbers on the squares, and was able to look at the game from a more strategical point of view. And once I got the hang of Bicolor, it was really hard to stop playing.

Really good user experience

What I liked most was that the creators of Bicolor really tried to offer the user a really good experience with the game. For example, you don’t have to restart the level all over again, when you realise you’ve made a mistake. Swipe once with one finger to undo your previous move. Swipe twice to undo your previous two moves. Three times to undo your previous three moves, and so on. Or swipe using two fingers to undo more previous moves. And the game is not complicated just for the sake of being complicated. It’s extremely logical, and once your (mind) wheels are set in motion, you’ll see it’s really easy to solve the puzzles.

All in all, I found the Bicolor experience to be extremely pleasant. It’s a great workout for your brain. It’s simple, yet engaging. It’s a game you can play during a quick break, or all day long, once you get the hang of it. And this week, you can have it totally free of charge. Sounds like a good deal to me.


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Developer: 1Button SARL
Category: Games
Version reviewed: 1.3
Price: Free

Our Rating

5 / 5

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