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When Girls and Balls Don’t Mix

Posted by AppBite Team
Bikini Lines - ASD Soft

Bikini Lines iPhone App Review.

I've seen my share of Tetris look-alikes, so when reading about Bikini Lines I hoped for some kind of compelling twist to the game. Bikini Girls for the iPhone and iPod Touch is a game of challenge indeed. Control a set of randomly placed balls on the screen by moving them around to form a line of same colored balls and clear it out. Moving the balls is simple enough, and all you need is a clear path from point A to point B to move it. If you feel like you've heard of this game before, it's because you actually have, and the chance is, you might have also played it. Some time ago, we published a review of a similar game - Fuzzle.

The twist, or rather, the difference between Fuzzle and Bikini Lines is a rather distracting background: beautiful girls in bikini. Clearing out a set of balls on the screen will reveal portions of the picture behind and you're that much closer to seeing a half-nude chick lying in the sun.

Sure enough, the girls are beautiful, and I wouldn't normally have anything against any game that offers quite a sight for iPhone lovers (see Beach Spotter). But I can't keep from wondering why do all the games that use beautiful girls to aim for popularity have to lack so much in innovation? Beautiful girls - ok! Copying another game idea without innovating in some way - not so much!

The basics of the game are a perfect match to any predecessor. There are different types of balls you play with. Bombs which out the board, immovable balls you can't move around, only take out, or balls you need to open twice. Clear out the ball and you can feast your eyes on one of 20 gorgeous Russian models.

Fuzzle is still on my iPhone, and I play it on a weekly basis, even though I have other apps and awesome games I need to test and review. Bikini Lines is a poor competitor, at best, of a great game, more of an imitation without a twist, just a distracting background.

Bottom line. Fuzzle - simple, challenging, free. As our friend Tony would say, "It's grreeeaat." Bikini Lines - a poor development that costs $0.99 in the AppStore. A lite version is available for free, and you can play the first three levels.


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Bikini Lines

Developer: ASD Soft
Category: Games
Released: September 30th, 2009
Price: $0.99
Our Rating

2 / 5

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