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More Than First Aid, Better Aid!

Posted by AppBite Team
iMobile Care - Vision Sync

iMobile Care iPhone App Review.

With safety and health being the words of the day, knowing how to apply the right kind of first aid is an universal concern. Amongst the numerous books, booklets, websites, blogs and training videos that provide you with adequate knowledge of what and how to do in case of a medical emergency, there is one iPhone app that everyone should have. iMobile Care is the essential iPhone companion, since books and guides won't cut it when faced with an actual emergency situation that calls for action rather than research.

On the surface, iMobile Care is just another first aid training manual. It provides you with illustrated First Aid Guides, complete with instructions, so you're always prepared for the actual situation. On the other hand, the neat features of iMobile Care rely more on each of the user's personalized settings. On a deeper level, iMobile Care acts as a health card detailing your condition and your medical situations you might encounter, so that you are the one that can get the assistance, if need be.

The app allows you to input emergency numbers, an SOS distress signal button, and even a number for emergency contacts. Coupled with all this emergency contact info, you can provide it with additional information such as your blood type, home address, and any other medication you use (e.g. allergies, special conditions).

The SOS distress signal allows you to provide the much needed additional info in advance of unwanted accidents. Switching it on will let the persons that will attend to you know about your specific condition and how to act, making the first aid care you receive faster and better.

Another neat feature of iMobile Care is its integration with the iPhone's camera. The app lets you access your camera and photo library in a matter of a single tap, so having it close at hand in case of an accident, taking a picture and sending it might prove more insightfull and reliable than a your scarred voice yelling at an operator.

iMobile Care's database offers help during several emergency situations including asthma attacks, burns, dizziness, car accidents, hypothermia, pains and even shock. All these, coupled with navigation and mapping, a location aware component and it user friendly layout, make iMobile Care the app to have right on your Home Screen. The app sells for only $2.99, which is a small price to pay for an app that contains, as Techcrunch's Robin Wauters dubbed, information that can save lives, your own included.


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iMobile Care

Developer: Vision Sync
Category: Healthcare & Fitness
Released: September 28th, 2009
Price: $2.99
Our Rating

3.5 / 5

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  2. appletech3 says:

    A super fine first aid app – will for sure save lives.

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