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Bitstrips iPhone App Review.

When you want to have fun, you go out with your friends. You watch a comedy movie. You listen all night long to the jokes your special someone makes, because they are so funny, you just can’t resist laughing. But sometimes, all you need to have a lot of fun is just your phone, and a good app on it. Like Bitstrips. Guaranteed, long-lasting fun.

How it works

Bitstrips helps you create comics where you and your friends can be the stars. It sounds pretty cool, right? That’s because, it really is. Imagine a social network where, instead of going through all sorts of random music, film, opinion, or God knows what other post, you discover really amazing comics. Comics of your friends, describing their mood, or some important event that happened in their lives that day. Or just pure fiction. And not only do you get to discover all these comic strips, but you get to create your own. And that’s Bitstrips.

Pretty annoying at first

Now, I must admit I wasn’t so impressed by Bitstrips right from the start. I don’t particularly like linking my Facebook account to all sorts of apps, so I first tried to sign up with my email. And when it still asked me to link my Facebook account, after already linking my email, I was pretty angry. But then, as I started exploring the app, I understood why linking your Facebook account is a must. First of all, to be able to enjoy your Facebook friends’ comic strips. And for them to easily enjoy yours.

Then, what seemed to last like forever was creating an avatar. So, before starting to play with Bitstrips, take some time off, if you really want to set it up. However, although that might seem extremely annoying at first, because there’s always another thing to add to your avatar, it also means that, in the end, it might look as similar to you as possible. All you need is a bit of patience, and a pretty realistic view of yourself.

So much fun afterwards

And when you’re done with all these steps, that’s when the magic begins. You can choose from multiple backgrounds, depending on your mood, and the story you want to share with your friends. Then, also add a couple of other characters to the mix, including animated versions of your friends. Add speech bubbles. And whatever else you think necessary to make your story as veridic, and fun, as you want it to be. Plus, you can also add actual photos, and create a Photo Comic.

Got to try Bitmoji, as well

So, don’t be shocked if you’ll end up spending your entire day creating comic strips. Because Bitstrips is really, really creative, and fun. Plus, if you also download Bitmoji, the experience only gets better and better. Because, while with Bitstrips, you create comics of you and your friends, with Bitmoji, you get an entire collection of Emojis based on your animated character created on Bitstrips. And if you really like sending Emojis, then Bitmoji might just be the perfect app for you.

All in all, although I got a bit annoyed at first, I was totally in love with Bitstrips in the end. It’s fun, new, fresh, creative…it’s pretty amazing. And totally free of charge. So, yes, my Facebook page will probably be flooded with comic strips in the near future.


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Developer: Bitstrips
Category: Entertainment
Version reviewed: 1.6
Price: Free

Our Rating

4.5 / 5

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