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Blocks Up Is The New Tetris

Posted by Maria Poeana
Blocks Up - AppTouch

Blocks Up iPhone Game Review.

Remember all those games you loved to play when you were a child? Well, I'm sure that one of them was Tetris. I bet that, no matter how frustrating it got when you just couldn't fit those sliding blocks anymore, you still played it on and on. Because the more challenging it was, the more addicted you got. And now, with a single download from the AppStore, you can bring back all those beautiful childhood memories. Just grab Blocks Up and experience a new version of your childhood game.

What is Blocks Up?

If I had to sum up Blocks Up in only a couple of words, I'd say that it's an upside down Tetris. Because instead of arranging the blocks at the bottom of the screen, you have to form lines of blocks at the top. But that's not the only novelty that Blocks Up brings to the table. There are also obstacles to surpass, coins to collect and even more surprises along the way that make this new version of Tetris even more challenging and fun than the original.

Collect coins & avoid obstacles

When playing Blocks Up, there are 3 things to take into account: the blocks, the obstacles and the coins. Arranging the blocks is extremely simple, because, as they are sliding on the screen, you can actually move them with your finger from one place to another. And it only takes one tap on the screen to rotate them. For every row you clear, you get a row of coins that you can collect. The more coins you collect and rows you clear, the more achievements you unlock.

Sounds easy, right? Well, that's until the obstacles pop out on the screen. And it just so happens that they pop out exactly on the row where you were planning to place your block. If you manage to act fast enough, the only damage will be delaying your victory, since you'll have to move the block some other place than it was intended. But if the obstacle catches you by surprise, and you don't get to move your block on another row, it might be game over for you sooner than expected.

Use coins to buy goodies

However, there are also options that can make playing Blocks Up easier and more fun. Using the coins that you collect along the way, you can buy packs that help you clear rows and remove the blocks that you misplace. Plus, you can use the coins to make your blocks look nicer, or remove ads. And if you just can't seem to collect enough coins, there's no need to worry. There are 250 coins that you can get for free, and more to purchase.

All things considered, if you enjoyed playing Tetris, there's a good chance you'll like Blocks Up too. Because it keeps all the options that the original had. Plus, it improves the game by introducing new options and an easy game play that make Blocks Up even more pleasant than the old Tetris.


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Blocks Up
Developer: AppTouch
Category: Games
Version reviewed: 1.1.03
Price: Free

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4 / 5

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