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Kung Splat Monkey - interAlia LLC

Kung Splat Monkey iPhone Game Review.

Are you looking for a splat throwing adventure? If so, there's a little monkey in need for your help. All it can do is throw splat at its enemies, and slide from one jungle vine to another, trying to avoid the dangers below. But it can't do this on its own. So, if you think you have what it takes to help this cute creature, download Kung Splat Monkey from the Appstore and let the adventure begin.

What is Kung Splat Monkey?

Kung Splat Monkey is all about a cute monkey trying to make its way through the dangerous jungle. With a finger-slide on the screen you can help this hero move from one vine to another, and it only takes one tap on the splat stash for this monkey to attack its adversaries. The goal? Collect as many bananas as possible on your way to the biggest, juiciest banana that is hidden at the end of every level.

Kung Splat Monkey offers 3 game stages to go through, each one made up of more than 10 levels to clear. You can't choose which level or stage to play, because you have to earn this. With every level you clear, another one is unlocked. Once you clear all the levels in one stage, you can move to the other one and so on.

Sounds simple, right? Well, it would be if it weren't for all those villains out there, waiting to hurt this cute hero. Although you have all that splat to throw at them, you should know by now that it's not an unlimited source of power. To refill your monkey's splat stash, your hero needs to eat bananas. And this might not always be as easy as it seems. Plus, you have to collect that final super banana to clear each level. And to do this, your monkey will also have to put its Kung-fu skills to the test by demolishing the structure where the banana is hidden.

In need of some improvements

All in all, you'll probably do your best to help this little hero because, let's face it, who doesn't like a brave, cute, monkey? But there are also things that you'll find very disappointing when playing Kung Splat Monkey. One of them concerns the poor graphics. Although there are several different backgrounds, with different villains that make the adventure more exciting, Kung Splat Monkey is pretty static. Mainly because it's all in 2D. And some of the enemies don't even move, they're just drawings on a board. So, unless you fall on top of them, avoiding them is not much of a challenge.

Another thing I didn't like about Kung Splat Monkey is how non-responsive it is. And, if I might add, also not very user friendly. It's true that it's extremely intuitive and easy to play, since it only has a couple of controls. But what makes it less friendly is not being able to move your character backwards or to see what's waiting ahead. So, most of the time you'll find yourself winning more out of luck, since you can't always plan on your next move. I know that it's best to live in the present, but when it comes to gaming, you kind of want to know what's waiting for you out there, or, at least, be able to go back and collect the items you missed on the way.

Another poorly executed part of this game is the boxy animations. Your monkey won’t move its hands or feet. It’s always in running-position, even when it falls or it rolls on the ground. It’s as if there is an invisible squared-block surrounding the monkey and it’s that squared-block that’s falling, rolling or jumping. A serious upgrade is needed for this graphics and animations engine.

However, I wouldn't go so far as to say that Kung Splat Monkey is a poor game. It still has some nice features, and for a children's game, the graphics will do just fine. But to be worth its price, Kung Splat Monkey needs to bring some improvement to the overall gaming experience.

The game is available for both iPhone and iPad, as a universal download.


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Kung Splat Monkey
Developer: interAlia LLC
Category: Games
Version reviewed: 3.0
Price: $0.99

Our Rating

3 / 5

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