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Enjoy A Fantastic Tower Defense Game

Posted by Bogdan Lazar
Fantasy Defense - PLAYBEAN

Fantasy Defense iPhone Game Review.

Tower defense games never get old, and, if done right, will always have an audience. Fantasy Defense fits right into this category with mind-blowing graphics, a great set of sound effects and an engaging gameplay. At its core, it’s still a tower defense game, but with some simple twists and turns, it’s become more than that and is bound to capture the hearts, minds and iPhones of anyone who dares enter its enchanting and terrifying fantasy real.

How to play Fantasy Defense

The goal of the game is simple: don’t let enemy hoards destroy your gate. Fantasy Defense has three game modes, but let’s just start with the easiest one: Normal mode. In normal mode, you need to clear stage after stage, fighting off enemies and blocking them from attacking your gate.

You’ll need to build up your army to defend it starting from one unit. As that unit kills off enemies, you gain gold, which can then be used to hire and upgrade more units. Each level places you in a forest with a path between your gate and the enemy gate. You need to place your units along the path in order to defend the crossing.

There are a number of units you have at your disposal, but hiring them depends solely on the gold you own. Each level will start you off with just a bit of gold, so that you can hire a unit or two. More often than not, that unit is the warrior.

Managing your units

The Warrior is used for closed quarter combat. That means that if an enemy gets past it, the warrior won’t attack it anymore. You can upgrade your warrior to a knight and then a warlord. Each upgrade will boost its attack strength and its attack speed.

The Archer, which can be upgraded to a Splatter and a Sky Arrow, does relatively low damage, but has a high attack speed and a long range. The general rule of thumb is to place these units one square further from the path, since it can attack nicely from there. Warriors should come right next to the path.

The Wizard, upgradable to Sorceress and Blaster, inflicts minor damage when not upgraded. It can be placed on the same line with the archers.

You also have extra special units that have their own powers. Brandishers are made for stun attacks. When they hit an enemy, the enemy unit will be stunned and won’t be able to move at all for a short period of time, leaving it defenseless against your other units.

Holy Eyes are archers that are specialized in damage-over-time attacks. This means that once their arrow hits, that unit will take a small amount of damage over time, continuously.

The Ice Mage, which I think is indispensable, is specialized in slowing down enemy units by freezing them. Some enemy units are so fast that your warriors won’t even get a change to hit them. The Ice Mage will slow them down and enable your warriors to cause some real damage.

Managing your hero

Apart from these units, you can also have a hero to aid you in defending the gate. You can actually own up to three heroes, each with their own special powers. The hero takes up mana to create and upgrade and can be upgraded up to level 5. Depending on its special powers, the upgrade will boost attack speed, attack range, damage or magic.

So these are the basic things to get you started playing Fantasy Defense. But there’s more to this awesome game. Each level will earn you hero points. While mana and gold doesn’t transfer from one level to another, hero points do, but you can’t use them in game. Instead, with hero points, you can upgrade your hero, upgrade your individual units or even buy special items (like weapons, armor) that you can then equip your hero with.

The unit upgrades are not the same as the in-game upgrades. you can upgrade your unit on several fronts making it cost less in-game, give it more attack speed or add special effects to their attacks. You can only use hero points to upgrade the warrior, the archer or the wizard. Each upgrade costs hero points, you can upgrade up to 10 times, but each additional upgrade will need more and more hero points.

It will keep you entertained for days

Fantasy Defense features a vast world with 50 stages set in 5 environments. And if that’s not enough in Normal mode, you also have two additional modes to boost. In infinite mode, you need to hold off enemies as long as you can. In Destroy the Moon, you need to destroy the enemy gate (not normally attackable in other modes) while keeping yours safe.

Fantasy Defense is surely a game that’s more than your classic tower defense. You need to make strategic decisions in-game as well as outside of the normal game play. And managing your resources and deciding what to upgrade and when can actually make a difference. Ultimately, Fantasy Defense is a game I enjoyed every second of playing. It’s one of those games that are complete in every sense of the word. Bravo!


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Fantasy Defense
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