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Sparky The Shark - Biscuit Interactive

Sparky the Shark - A Frighteningly Funny Adventure HD iPad App Review.

Meet Sparky the Shark. You should know straight from the start that he is no usual shark. Instead of hunting people, he wants to be their friend. But people don't know this, so Sparky has to start a frighteningly funny adventure to make people like him. And now you can join him through his magical journey, by downloading Sparky the Shark from the AppStore.

What is Sparky the Shark

Sparky the Shark is an interactive storybook that your children will most definitely enjoy. The book is made up of over 30 beautifully designed illustrations, each one of them being accompanied by a unique musical background that makes the story look even more real. These features, along with the short paragraphs that make up the story, are guaranteed to make your kid ask you to read him over and over again about Sparky's frighteningly funny adventure.

But that doesn't mean that if you're busy some evenings, your child won't be able to enjoy his favorite bedtime story. Just tap on the Read to Me button and the voice over narration option will be activated. Unfortunately, this option doesn't always work, so when you activate it, you should make sure that it actually works, to prevent your kid from being disappointed that he can't hear the story being read to him. Plus, if you're not there, he will have to flip the pages for the story to continue, or else he will only get to hear the beginning of the story.

More than just a book

The greatest thing about Sparky the Shark is that it isn't a static book. From the sounds that are playing in the background to the moving images, Sparky will make your kid feel part of the story. Plus, there are also hidden animations that will definitely put a smile on his face when he discovers them. Tapping on some of the characters in the images will make different sounds or moves.

On top of all that, your kid can also play with Sparky. The app includes an interactive "Disguises Fun" page, where he can use a bunch of items on the screen to disguise Sparky. He can put a tie around his neck, add a wig, a hat or a pair of goofy glasses, and make Sparky look really funny. And the great part is that he can also take pictures of Sparky wearing these goofy outfits to keep visual memories of Sparky in disguise.

So, next time you're looking for an interactive book for your kid to enjoy, check out Sparky the Shark, and start a frighteningly funny adventure with this friendly character.


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Sparky the Shark
Developer: Biscuit Interactive
Category: Books
Version reviewed: 1.0
Price: $3.99

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4 / 5

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