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Cartoon Spread! iPhone App Review.

Nowadays, we share almost everything with our friends online. Whether it's pictures, videos, quotes or links to sites that we really like, it seems that we want to share more and more everyday. And now, sharing your doodles just got easier with Cartoon Spread. So, take a quick ride to the AppStore and start spreading your cartoons.

What Is Cartoon Spread

Cartoon Spread is the app that puts your creativity to the challenge. Create an account and just use your fingertips to draw whatever goes through your mind and share it with your friends. Whether you're having one of those long, boring talks on the phone or you're struggling to find a creative idea, Cartoon Spread is all you need to free your mind. Start doodling and unwind. For all you know, you might end up with a great idea and a great drawing that you can share with your friends.

With Cartoon Spread you can create an entire story based on a sequence of drawings. You have up to four sheets (called cuts) to include in the sequence, and you can choose to fill them all with drawings, or just a couple of them. Unfortunately, you can only create black and white cartoons, but the purpose is to doodle, not to create rainbows and ponies. If you're not satisfied with the result, then erase the parts that you don't like or the entire drawing. When you end up with something that you like, let your friends also see your masterpiece.

Spread Your Cartoon All Over The World

But your friends aren't the only ones who can enjoy your drawings. Besides sharing them via Facebook, Twitter or email, you can make them public for everybody using the app to see them. And Cartoon Spread has one more surprise in store that is guaranteed to remind you of your childhood. That is the option of drawing Bean - the app mascot - by tracking the dots that form the image. Too bad that it's only one image that you can draw this way, especially since the app is also suited for children.

Another great thing is that you can also enjoy other users' drawings. Check out Hot Toons, Weekly's Best or most recent drawings and share the ones you like the most with your friends. Show the author that you really like his drawing by recommending his cartoon or by sending him a friendly reply.

Cartoon Spread is that type of app that you can enjoy during a stressful day at work, or back home with your kid. It’s a really nice app that’s guaranteed to make the sun shine on a rainy day...even if it's just on paper and in black and white.


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cartoon spread

Cartoon Spread!
Developer: Timespread Inc.
Category: Lifestyle
Version reviewed: 1.06
Price: FREE

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4 / 5

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