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Doodle Tales Reinvents Doodling

Posted by Maria Poeana
Doodle Tales -

Doodle Tales iPad App Review.

Children nowadays are easily bored. They are always in search of something new. A new story, a new game, a new cartoon. But what if, instead of buying them a new coloring book, game or story every week, you would only have to buy one app to keep them occupied for as long as their imagination lasts. This is Doodle Tales, and you can find it in the AppStore. It feeds on creativity, and it's guaranteed to be both fun and educational for your child.

What can you do with Doodle Tales?

Doodle Tales is more than just another doodling app. Mainly because with Doodle Tales you can create actual stories for your child to read and enjoy. And since it is so easy to use, your child can create doodle tales on his own, using the large number of options this app has to offer. From a large panel of colors and coloring instruments to customized backgrounds and stamps, you need at least an hour to discover all the secrets that Doodle Tales is hiding.

The first step after purchasing Doodle Tales is creating Profile Pages for your children. You can add up to 3 different profiles, each one with different emails and user names. This way, children won't have to share the same profile, and every one of them can create his tales and doodles. Plus, they can get individual achievements and ratings from other users. Once you're done with the registration process, it's time to put Doodle Tales to the test.

Create & share audio, visual and written doodle tales

Your children can now create individual doodles or actual tales. There are 6 different coloring instruments they can use, from crayons to brushes and regular pencils, each one with a wide selection of colors. Backgrounds can be colored with a single tap on one of the paint filled buckets, or customized by giving the classic blank page an old look, stripes or frames. Plus, there are a couple of already made drawings to choose for the background, that your children can color. And that's not all. There are also quite a few themes and stamps that they can use, and others available for purchase. These include pictures of animals, funny faces, houses, people, and more.

But what would a story be without words? After they finish doodling, it's time to give the story a written meaning. Using colored or black letters, with different shapes and styles, the text can look just the way your children want it. And to make the story even more enjoyable for your child, along with or instead of writing, you can record yourself telling the story you created. Once the tale is complete, all that's left to do is play it or share it. This will make it available for others to see it and rate it. And like this, your child will also be able to discover more beautiful tales shared by other children.

Long story short, I would go as far as to say that Doodle Tales redefines doodling. It is both fun and educational, and suited for both children and their parents. While parents can create customized stories for their children to enjoy, kids can doodle all day long and create their own stories. Just imagine how great it is to be able to transform the stories you used to tell your child into actual visual tales. Because, with Doodle Tales, this is now possible.


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Doodle Tales
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