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An all-too-simple To Do manager

By AppBite Team   June - 4 - 2009    See more Apps inApp Reviews, Productivity & Utilities   No Comments

For a To Do list manager and task organizer, Erica Sadun’s ToDo simply cannot survive in a business environment that calls for a multi-function and more complex task manager. The iPhone app offers a limited set of functionality, what you’d call your basic task manager on the iPhone, something with a little more usability than the native Notes.

ToDo for iPhone gives you the ability to quickly add tasks, set a priority for each and add notes to remember their function. For a basic overview, functionality goes as far as your buck can reach, and for a free app it does offer enough to get you started. We’d certainly make it worthwhile downloading for its fast access and usability.

Nothing fancy about Free WiFi Finder

By AppBite Team   June - 1 - 2009    See more Apps inApp Reviews, Productivity & Utilities   2 Comments

On a short note, the iPhone app Free WiFi Finder locates internet wireless hotspots around the world, displaying those closest to you. The app uses your GPS integrated function to locate and display various access points from over 10,000 locations worldwide available in its database.

The app gives you the possibility to search for hotspots based on your current geographical location, filter the results by location type (cafe, library, restaurant) and display the desired results complete with phone numbers and address information for every hotspot location. Browse through your locations and bookmark your favorites.

Get yourself movin’ with Mover

By AppBite Team   May - 21 - 2009    See more Apps inApp Reviews, Productivity & Utilities   No Comments

Mover is an iPhone app that allows the direct sharing of photos and contacts between two iPhones via WiFi, without the hassle of syncing pairing or third-party servers. Exchanging contacts and photos is as easy as flicking the item to the edge of the iPhone screen, making it as fun and as fast as possible.

Mover requires no device pairing of any kind. Just open up the app on both devices and the app does the rest in recognizing them over a shared WiFi network. You can then choose what to transfer, swipe the item in the direction indicated on the screen and the item appears on the other device (with a nice effect too). The receiving device doesn’t need to save anything it receives, as the app does that as well. Be it a photo or a contact, Mover recognizes and saves it to its appropriate location.

Flashlight sheds light on the Appstore

By AppBite Team   May - 5 - 2009    See more Apps inApp Reviews, Productivity & Utilities   3 Comments

Perhaps one of the simplest of iphone apps to come out of Appstore is John Haney’s Flashlight, which made it on Apple’s list of Top Apps of All Time. Flashlight is a free iphone app designed to ease your way in the darkness by filling the device’s screen with a full color. Several colors are included, ranging from white, red, green, black or blue. The app options also includes a RGB (Red Green Blue) color mixer to help you choose your favorite color by mixing the three basic colors. You can easily switch between the colors by flicking the iphone screen on to the next available color.

Additionally, the app features a strobe light mode, with pretty limited configuration options like Emergency, Trippy and Deep Trippy. John Haney promises the next application update will bring more control over screens, effects and also the annoyingly simple strobe light and its precise tuning.