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An all-too-simple To Do manager

Posted by AppBite Team
To Do - Eric Sadun

To Do iPhone App Review.

For a To Do list manager and task organizer, Erica Sadun's ToDo simply cannot survive in a business environment that calls for a multi-function and more complex task manager. The iPhone app offers a limited set of functionality, what you'd call your basic task manager on the iPhone, something with a little more usability than the native Notes.

ToDo for iPhone gives you the ability to quickly add tasks, set a priority for each and add notes to remember their function. For a basic overview, functionality goes as far as your buck can reach, and for a free app it does offer enough to get you started. We'd certainly make it worthwhile downloading for its fast access and usability. But if you're going into functionality, then another free app worth looking into is To Do's from Austin Bulls Software. The app offers a little more, providing you with a check box to mark completed tasks, but still lacking in functionality.

Being free as it is however, ToDo does make it worth looking into, but if you're a busy fellow with high demands for using your time for anything but organizing, then maybe spending that extra buck on a more productive piece of software is what you should be doing. There are various other iPhone and iPod Touch apps available for purchase in the AppStore for prices ranging from $1 to as high as $10, that offer much needed features such as task search, calendar view, task sharing, and syncing with your MAC or PC.


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To Do

Developer: Eric Sadun
Category: Productivity
Updated: August 15th, 2009
Price: FREE
Our Rating

2.5 / 5

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