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ShopShop iPhone App Review.

Forget those shopping lists on crumbled-up paper that you always seem to misplace on the way to the supermarket. Grocery shopping is essential to getting the family through the week, and dealing with that crumbled up paper filled with lists of items needed, jotted down basically in a random order. With ShopShop for the iPhone and iPod Touch, all you need to worry about is where you park your car.

The iPhone app gives you full control over your shopping needs, making it as easy as possible to transpose those empty shelves in the fridge into your iPhone or iPod Touch, and stay on top of things at the supermarket. ShopShop is more than a simple customized ToDo application. Its features are specifically targeted at managing shopping lists.

Simply open up the app and your shopping list (notebook style) appears. Tap the plus sign and start typing items missing from your fridge. The app offers you the possibility to mention the quantity for that item (3gal, 2lbs). One of the beautiful features ShopShop offers you is the possibility to remember Recently Added items to your list. So when you're planning your next shopping trip, you'll have all of your items from the previous trip at your disposal. Simply tap one of the items, and it will be added to your current shopping list.

Since you'll probably be working with a longer list of items, ShopShop offers on-the-fly matching as you type. The feature is pretty exact, as after just a couple of letters, you'll be left with only close matches you need. It is indeed a great time-saving feature you can enjoy using with ShopShop.

Once you've added everything you need to the list, go back to the original screen, head on to the supermarket and, once you buy an item, mark it off your shopping list with a simple tap, thus drawing a red line through the item. Tap on it again, and remove the line if needed. The app also lets you control the number of items on your list. Once you've purchased something and marked it off, hit the Clear button and unnecessary items are completely removed, making it easy to see what's left to buy.

On the downside, ShopShop supports only one shopping list at a time, which you can't save for later use either. You can however email it to a friend, making it very convenient if there are more than one person doing the shopping.

"Do we have any milk? " The question always bugs us when we're holding the shopping cart in front of the milk shelf at the local grocery store. We never seem to know whether there is any left. We had a box in the fridge. But was it full? Did it go bad already? There's nothing worse than not having milk for your cereals in the morning, right? This iPhone app is freel to download from the AppStore, and, by all means, it offers a lot more convenience than those other paid apps.


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Developer: Nikolaj Schumacher
Category: Utilities
Updated: November 10th, 2010
Price: FREE
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3 / 5

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7 Bites to “Stay on top of things at the supermarket with ShopShop”

  1. Rch says:

    Great, simple app.  Use it with iPad and others;  syncs seamlessly thru DropBox and supports multiple lists.  My disabled daughter has it and updates her list, so when I'm at the store I can look at what she needs as well, saving trips. 

  2. DeedlyDee says:

    I LOVE THIS APP!!!  You can email it to your spouse and keep a running weekly list of needed items so the weekly trip to the store is a snap.

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  4. Gring40 says:

    I don't know about the older version, but the latest (out 11/10/10) definitely saves the master shopping list for later use, and lets you create multiple shopping lists if several people are shopping.. … gring40

  5. tgl says:

    Any word on when the new version will be approved by Apple? Just got 4 and I'm missing my Shop Shop!

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