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Nothing fancy about Free WiFi Finder

Posted by AppBite Team
Free Wifi Finder - gps

Free WiFi Finder iPhone App Review.

On a short note, the iPhone app Free WiFi Finder locates internet wireless hotspots around the world, displaying those closest to you. The app uses your GPS integrated function to locate and display various access points from over 10,000 locations worldwide available in its database.

The app gives you the possibility to search for hotspots based on your current geographical location, filter the results by location type (cafe, library, restaurant) and display the desired results complete with phone numbers and address information for every hotspot location. Browse through your locations and bookmark your favorites.

At the very core, the app is designed to do only one function, and that is to help you find and access those wi-fi spots closest to you. At the same very core however, the app sometimes falls short of accomplishing its duties, as network connectivity is not always correct and up to date. And here, we were expecting the app to run smoothly. Display open and closed access points, whether the hotspot is free or not, display information of interest such as channel number, signal strength, authentication type, and a connection that is a tap away. It sometimes does not show the connections that exit or simply cannot connect you to it.

We've found various hotspots in commercial places around our apartment, but the free WiFi from our upstairs neighbor didn't even pop up on the screen. From what we've seen from other reviewers, this came as no surprise to us, even though we were kind of expecting it to perform slightly faster and more efficient.

Free WiFi Finder puts at your fingertips a ever-expanding database of free internet hotspots so you're never out of internet reach. Being free as it is, the app does have its shortcomings, and perhaps spending that extra buck for a more complete wifi tracker app can sometimes get you out of a jam or at least spare you the headache.

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2 Bites to “Nothing fancy about Free WiFi Finder”

  1. Tomax7 says:

    Like this product but not sure if it was an update, but I can no longer see my iphone in a pulsing blue circle any more.

    Was a really great GPS in a sort.

  2. Mitchell says:

    The site I go to for my iPhone app reviews gave this a good rating, but it didn’t mention any glitches like you have (it not showing the nearby wi-fi). Still, the price is right on this one and I will probably check it out eventually

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