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Milk Panic - Belprog

Melodica iPhone App Review.

Milk Panic is the iPhone game that brings out the shepherd in you as you run around in a frenzy to squeeze the milk from the cows before they burst. Milk Panic is perhaps a little underrated as a game, since it doesn't provide hours on end of game play, no clear strategy, but requires a fast-paced movement and continuous tapping. The object of the game is not however to make you waste brain power, but merely to relax you for shorter periods of time.

In Milk Panic, you play your part as the milk-gathering shepherd that is in charge of keeping your herd alive as the cows are hungrier than ever and eat away at the green-fresh country grass. Your task is to look out for all of the six cows as they eat grass and wait for you to do your your milk-gathering duties. Beware, if you can't get to the cows on time to gather the milk, they burst and you loose important "crop." Pay attention to their size and the red bar indicator next to each of them that lets you know in good time when it's time to pay them a visit. Your task isn't easy, as once in a while you milk bucket gets filled and you have to empty it in the bigger container.

Milk Panic is fun amusing game, pretty fast paced though as the cows eat and produce milk at a pretty amazing speed. I guess the difficulty of the game comes from the fact that your little shepherd can only move one space at a time (be it up, down, left or right), making it pretty difficult to reach the cow at the opposite side of your screen in time before it bursts. Several taps are necessary to get the milk man moving sometimes, which is sometimes annoying as you end up tapping endlessly on spaces you're not allowed to move. The tactic we've figured out for this iPhone game is to move around in circles, from cow to cow, and empty the bucket as necessary, and, of course, don't panic!


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Milk Panic

Developer: Belprog
Category: Games
Updated: March 29th, 2010
Price: FREE
Our Rating

3.5 / 5

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