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Discover Dinosaurs - KidSpring Studio

Discover Dinosaurs iPad Game Review.

From the creators of Find & Match 1 - 100 comes the newest puzzle/quiz game that’s aimed at children 6 to 10 years. Last time it was sharks, now we’re talking pre-historic animals that became extinct before there even was a world for us to live in. Yes, you guessed it: dinosaurs. Discover Dinosaurs, iPad-only, wants to push children towards learning the most basic facts about these creatures, but does the taken approach make things fun and interesting enough for their target audience? A bit doubtful.

What is Discover Animals

It’s part puzzle part quiz. Children will first need to take a three question quiz at the beginning of each level. The questions get tougher as the child progresses and you need to get at least one of the three questions right before you can unlock the next level.

Questions for the quiz show you a picture of the dinosaur and range from what type of dinosaur it is, where it lived, when and what it ate. And no, not all dinosaurs come from the Jurassic period, although I’m very sure that a lot of the answers will skew in that direction.

I think this type of questions are more suitable for an adult that can actually pronounce and spell “cretaceous” rather than for a kid that wants to see dinosaurs and play with them, rather than learn when they lived. All in all, the language used in the puzzles and the questions is too elevated for a kid (personal opinion). Herbivorous, carnivorous, omnivorous…I wonder how many will know that they mean that the dinosaur eats grass and weeds, meat or pretty much everything. Remember we’re dealing with children that know of dinosaurs from Jurassic Park and not Wikipedia.

This would be a great companion to bridge the gap between parents and kids. Not to mention I sincerely believe that everyone has something to learn from this app, not only kids.

After the child selects the answers to the three questions, you need to solve three puzzles based on the three dinosaurs you’ve seen previously. The picture is scrambled and different tiles from the different dinosaurs are laid out on the table. Each tile is placed in the correct location in the puzzle, but it may not be the tile you need.

So go ahead and tap on the one you want to change and rotate between all three tiles until you find the one you want. Match all the tiles for one of the three images and you get to see if you answered correctly. If you answered correctly, you get a gold star. If not, move on to the next puzzle and so on.

For each level to be completed successfully, you need to answer three quiz questions, complete three puzzles and get at least one gold star. Only then can you proceed to the next level. There are 9 levels in total.

Loads of info about dinosaurs

With each answer to the quiz questions, wrong or right, you get to read more about each specific dinosaur. It’s information that can help you in future questions, but its contents might be too complex to remember along the way. If you get one of the questions right, that dinosaur is added to your collection and you can view it and read about it at any time.

Collect as many as you can, but considering that there have been over 700 different types, it’s hard to believe this game will cover all of them. And any way, between you and me, ask any kid about dinosaurs and T-Rex will be their number one answer. Doubtless to say how many will know that it’s actually called Tyrannosaurus Rex (the king tyrant lizard).

What makes Discover Dinosaurs attractive to everyone is the rich illustrations and audio. It’s also something the entire family can enjoy. It’s multi-touch enabled so you can solve the puzzles together, all hovering over the same iPad.


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Discover Dinosaurs
Developer: KidSpring Studio
Category: Education
Version reviewed: 1.01
Price: $2.99

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3 / 5

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