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Popular Baby Names

Posted by Scott Golby
popular baby names iphone app review
Popular Baby Names

Aesop Popular Baby Names iPhone App Review

If you're struggling to find that perfect baby name and want to reference popular names from a wide variety of years and countries, then this app is likely one for you.

Unlike a book that can be out of date by the time it's published, the Popular Baby Names app gives you hundreds of baby names at your fingertips and allows you to search through these names in many ways.

As with all AESOP apps, the app is fairly self explanatory, although sometimes you wonder if you might miss features if you didn't accidentally tap on something or scroll down as far as you did. My advice, check out the app in full!

[Editor Note] - We have recently reviewed 2 other Aesop titles and given both Aesop Period Pace and Nightlight + Lullaby songs excellent marks.

While you might think that a baby name app would simply be a list of names, think again. The Pop Names app allows you to look at the data it contains in a variety of ways: from listings by country, boy/girl, year, meaning, origin and more. You also have the ability to look at every name included in the app and have the app jump to a random place in the list in case you don't want to scroll down pages and pages of names.

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I found the meaning search option quite enlightening and because of my ex-pat status here in the US, I also found the country results quite interesting. You learn a few random facts by even looking up your own name.

I think the only point I would note that may come up with continued use is that when you tap on an option to enter search criteria (for example, you tap on meaning to then type in "happy"), the app automatically clears what you entered last - most of the time not an issue as you're entering something new, but sometimes a little frustrating when you just accidentally tapped the option. It would be useful if the app remembered your last entry and gave you the option to clear it if you wanted to.

If you want to share your ideas, the app even has a great and simple way for you to export the names you have marked as favourites via email. And what's even better is that you can set the app to export the names with your chosen middle and last names so you get to see the potential names in full.

The app certainly beats carrying round a book with lots of bookmarks and provides parents to be with a really good source for names that they can view in multiple ways and share very easily.

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Popular Baby Names
Developer: Aesop LLC
Category: Reference
Version Reviewed: 1.0
Price: $0.99

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4 / 5

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