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Things That Go Bump In Your iPhone

Posted by Bogdan Lazar
Zombie Juice - Valhalla Studios

Zombie Juice iPhone Game Review.

*Knock, knock!*
“Who’s there?” you ask frightened.
“Zombies!” the answer comes and you get shivers down your spine.
“Zombies who?” you ask with a fainted school-girl voice.
“Zombie Juice!” and all hell breaks loose. There’s zombies everywhere in the streets right in front of your house. You board yourself in your house and hold your fingers crossed.

At least that’s what you’d normally do, but in Zombie Juice, crossing your fingers is your worst move since your fingers are your only weapons.

How to play

Right now, Zombie Juice features two game modes and two levels of play. The object of the game is to juice as many zombies as you can while defending your yard and your home from packs of ranging zombies that never seem to stop spawning in the streets. You do this by slicing them with your finger, just a quick swipe across them will do.

Of course, some are more powerful and it’ll take more than a handful of swipes to juice them. As you kill more and more zombies, a more powerful arsenal becomes available to you. It comprises a gun, garden gnomes that explode killing everything around them, a lawn mower and nerve gas that kills every zombie on screen. Think of these as powerups that you get after slaying some baddies.

Instead of friendly neighbors that you need to avoid while slicing and dicing, Zombie Juice has some puddles running scared in the streets. These are no danger to you, unless you accidentally slice them too in your rampage. When you do, they turn into some monstrous creatures, switch sides and attack your house.

The two levels of the game are basically “defend your yard” and “defend yourself.” First you need to try and keep zombies away from your house. When all hope is lost and you lost the yard, you’re left with the option to barricade yourself in your bed and face the swarm from there. The rules are the same in both, but death comes faster in bed.

The two game modes are “Survival” and “Freak Out.” In “Freak Out” you have to kill as many zombies as you can in 90 seconds, on the clock. “Survival” is the default mode, and, I think the one worth playing more.

The more zombies you kill, the better you’ll get and the higher your score. With each new highscore you can qualify to receive some new ranking and perhaps a medallion as well. This is one bit of the game I couldn’t help but smile to. Rankings are pretty hilarious, making you the newbie, the nosy neighbor or the house sitter. I can only imagine what killing a million zombies will make of you.

So go ahead, try and make a name for yourself if you think you've got what it takes to be the ultimate zombie slayer? Download Zombie Juice and find out.
Zombie Juice is also available for the iPad.


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Zombie Juice
Developer: Valhalla Studios Bifrost
Category: Games
Version reviewed: 1.5
Price: $0.99

Our Rating

3.5 / 5

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