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Flick Golf - Full Fat

Flick Golf iPhone Game Review.

There are a few things that make a good golf player: a steady hand, good understanding of weather conditions and the course, focus, a thorough the mechanics of the game, amongst other well-kept secrets I guess. The truth is, golf is also an expensive hobby. You need a good, reliable club set, balls, and other accessories, but you also need a club membership. Well, not anymore. You can now play this beautiful game right in your living room, and still have a feel for the great outdoor. Enter Flick Golf for the iPhone and iPad. It's free to donwload on the AppStore!

How to play

What sets Flick Golf apart from other golf games on the iOS market is its simplicity and focus. There are no clubs to wield, no complicated scoring to keep track off, not even a golfer. It's just you, the ball and the hole. Just flick your ball towards the hole and hope for the best. Wait, did I say hope for the best? It's not really true, because with Flick Golf you can correct the path the ball takes while it's still in the air, by continuously flicking in the direction you want it to take. Think a combination of curling and golf. First you flick the ball in the direction of the hole and then you correct its path by flicking it while it's in the air. You can achieve nice curve ball effects, backspins, for which you get extra points.

Of course, the most important is still that hole-in-one, which gives you the highest score. But if you can't always get one, don't wory, the closer the ball stops to the hole, the higher your score. Watch out for the wind, in the higher levels it will heavily influece your ball.

Game modes

Flick Golf features a couple of game modes for you to choose from. You can play a world tour and enjoy the beautiful locations around the globe. Or you can test your flicking skills in the ultimate competition in Quickshot Pro mode. The world tour will start you off with easier levels and you need to score as high as possible in each in order to continue to the next. But in Quickshot Pro mode, well, that's really challenging. You have 30 seconds to score at least 20,000 points in order to advance levels. You're also facing heavy winds. Challenging!

The sceneries are beautifully designed. There are no annoying sound effects and the crowd will not cheer you on. You can listen to your own music while playing.

Tiger Woods PGA Tour has nothing on Flick Golf! It truly is a golfing experience like no other. Flick Golf, for me, is a perfect combination between golf, the beautiful PaperToss and curling. It's like taking the best out of all three and putting it into one mega-addictive little game that you always find yourself starting and not putting down.


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Flick Golf
Developer: Full Fat
Category: Games
Version reviewed: 1.2.0
Price: FREE

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5 / 5

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