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Eat24 Order Food Delivery & Takeout iPhone App Review.

Are you craving for a tasty steak, but don't have the number of any restaurant near you? Or maybe you're new in the city and don't quite know which are the best restaurants near you. One way to solve your problem would be to go online and Google it. But now there's an easier, faster and safer way to find just the restaurant or dish you're craving for, no matter where you are. Because now, there's an app that is there for you anytime you are hungry. This is Eat24 Order Food Delivery & Takeout, and you can download it free from the AppStore.

How it works

Eat24 Order Food Delivery & Takeout is the only thing you need when you're hungry, or just craving for something delicious to eat. With Eat24, sometimes you don't even need money to order your favorite dish, since it can help you find places where you can pay with coupons. And that's not all! From providing you with all the necessary information to make the best decision concerning your meal to actually keeping track of your preferences, Eat24 is pretty much of a wonder app when it comes to food delivery and takeout.

Once you download the app, you can start using it right away, without having to go through any other complicated steps. However, if you want to enjoy Eat24 to the fullest, you should create an account. This way, Eat24 will prove to be even more useful, keeping track of your preferences and making sure you don't have to go through the hassle of entering your credit numbers over and over again every time you want to place your order. Just add your address and other standard info, like phone number or email, and you're ready to start the complete experience of ordering with Eat24.

Check out restaurants near you, and order your favorite dishes

When you're ready to look up restaurants, you can easily add an address or allow Eat24 to auto detect your location. This way, you can explore all types of restaurants. You can check out which restaurants are near your place, or pick any other place and see what delicious dishes they have to offer. And for an even better filtering of your results, you can choose to only see the restaurants that are open now. Or the ones that accept or offer coupons. You can organize the search results according to delivery fee, distance, order type or cuisines. If you have a certain restaurant or dish in mind, search for it. Don't know what restaurant to choose? Check out the ratings, the complete menu, and easily make up your mind.

Every time you see something that appeals to your food cravings, add it to the cart. After choosing all the dishes you like, check your cart to make sure the order is just right, and the price is convenient. If you're satisfied with what you see, select the type of order you want (delivery or take out), and place it. Now, all that's left for you to do is wait and imagine just how delicious your dish will be. And if anything goes wrong or you have any queries, Eat24 comes to the rescue yet once again with a 24/7 live chat and order status.

All this got you an appetite? Well, don't wait until you get home to place your order. Download Eat24 Order Food Delivery & Takeout and check it out now!


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Eat24 Order Food Delivery & Takeout
Developer: Eat24
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Version reviewed: 1.01
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