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AquaVille - BarunsonCreative

AquaVille The Friends iPhone Game Review.

Do you enjoy having your own virtual land you can turn from a deserted place into a space filled with goodies, houses or skyscrapers, and even domestic animals? Then, I bet you are no stranger to games like FarmVille, Oregon Settler, Cafe World or CityVille. And now, you can play one of your favorite Facebook games on your iPhone or iPad. This is AquaVille - the friends, and with a single free download from the AppStore, you can start building your own underwater wonder.

What is AquaVille?

AquaVille is the type of addictive game that makes you check the status of your growing underwater city every hour. Similar to FarmVille, your main goal is to turn your lot into a true ocean village, where fish swim free, and the things you grow and build increase the value of your city with every passing minute. Building the greatest underwater city will prove extremely time consuming, but, after all, no great city was built in a day, right?

Once you get the game, you'll have to wait a couple of minutes for it to load, and connect your Facebook account. Then Lena, the goddess of the ocean will tell you all you need to know to build the city. You'll learn how to create farming lots, plant all sorts of goodies and harvest them. How to get rid of coral reefs and stones to widen your farming space. What to buy to make your land as clean as possible and avoid pollution. How to get fish on your land and upgrade them. Doing all these things will not only guarantee that you build the nicest, pollution-free underwater city, but that you build a profitable city as well.

Collect coins & invest them in your city

That's when the hard work starts. Because the only things that are free and also bring you money are rocks and coral reefs. But, as you can imagine, they won't last forever, if you keep ripping them off the ground. So, with the money you make from clearing the space, you can buy farming lots and plant seeds. Once you have enough food, you can buy and upgrade fish that will also bring you even more money and other cool items regularly, as long as they are being fed. With this money, you can buy more items that prevent pollution, and also make buildings that will bring you even more money and other goodies. And so on. The more money and goodies you collect, the faster you clear levels and unlock all sorts of buildings, fish and other cool stuff to turn your city into a masterpiece.

Also, to make the game even more addictive, you also receive quests. And for every quest you complete, as you probably imagine, you get other coins and cool items that you can later use or gift them to your Facebook friends who are also playing AquaVille.

All in all, AquaVille is an eco-friendly game, suited for anyone who is fascinated by creating their own virtual city. No matter how old you are, AquaVille is fun, engaging and addictive. And all you need to get the best out of it is time. Did I mention it’s also free?


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Developer: BarunsonCreative
Category: Games
Version reviewed: 1.1.0
Price: FREE

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5 / 5

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