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How Much Do You Earn Per Second?

Posted by Bogdan Lazar
The Million - Addictive Prod

The Million iPhone App Review.

There must have been at least one time when you thought: "I don't earn enough for what I do.” Then you started to do the Math to see just how little you are being paid for every hour of work, while comparing your earnings to others who do the same job you do. After hours of calculations and comparisons, you probably ended up exhausted, annoyed and bored. Now there's an app that might come in handy in these moments. Unfortunately, it doesn't help you get any richer, but it does solve the problem of calculating your earnings and comparing them with those of others. This is The Million - get rich in seconds, and you can find it in the AppStore.

What is The Million

Contrary to its name, The Million - get rich in seconds isn't one of those apps where you take part in all sorts of contests hoping to win the big prize. It's a simple calculator that keeps track of your earnings. It helps you keep track of how much money you make every second. The Million doesn't get you rich, but it tells you just how rich you are now.

The Million is an extremely easy to use app, where you only have to add your annual salary, and the rest is up to the app to figure out. Once you add your payment and a certain time unit, you can see just how much you make per hour, minute and even second. Also, besides telling you how much you make at any given time, The Million constantly calculates how much money you made since the beginning of the month. So that every time you look at The Million, you actually feel like you're winning something, watching all those numbers constantly change.

Keep track of your earnings and compare them with others

The Million also helps you keep track of your transactions. Every time you give or take money, you can add your transaction to The Million. All your transactions will be saved in one place, plus your earnings balance for this month is even more accurate this way.

The app also lets you add a guest’s annual salary and view the two winnings side by side. It’s a neat effect, I’ll just leave it at that.

All things considered, The Million has a little bit of everything, but doesn't hit its mark on any level. It's got a catchy name, but in reality it doesn't help you get any richer. You can keep track of every transaction you make, but the mechanism is not as complex as with other apps. And it's fun that you can compare your earnings with other people, but not particularly useful. However, its main plus is that indeed it makes calculating your earnings a lot easier, even if you want to see how much you make every second.


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The Million
Developer: Addictive Prod
Category: Entertainment
Version reviewed: 1.0.1
Price: FREE

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2.5 / 5

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