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Set Your Weekly Menu With MealGuru

Posted by Maria Poeana
MealGuru - EMP Company B.V.

MealGuru iPad App Review.

This week I'm going to eat healthier. I have to give up on junk food and start eating more vegetables. You probably tell these things to yourself every week. And somehow, you end up eating the same things day after day. Because looking through tons of sites to find the right recipe, preparing it and creating a menu for the week to come is just too much of a time waster. But what if there was an app who could make planning your weekly meals easier? This is MealGuru and you can find it in the AppStore.

What is MealGuru

MealGuru is the help you always needed to create a balanced, healthy menu for the next 2 weeks to come. MealGuru suggests meals for every day of the week, but it allows you to change them at any time so that you eat exactly what you want, when you want it. You have 280 recipes to choose from, that are divided in 15 categories, including pasta, rice, salads or kids friendly meals, and 5 cookbooks, including soups, basics, fast, kids and your own customized cookbook. Add the meals you like the most to favorites and the ones you don't to the not for me list. And start creating your personalized menu for the next two weeks.

Eat what you want, when you want it

The first thing you should do when starting to use MealGuru is choose the type of food you'd like to eat. MealGuru suggests the days when you should eat meat, fish or vegetables. But you can personalize the menu just the way you like it. If you plan on only eating fish this week, check Fish for every day of the week in My Preferences Option, and MealGuru will only display fish recipes for the next 2 weeks. And if you're a vegetarian, all you have to do is check Vegetarian, and MealGuru will only display vegetarian meals for you. Plus, you can also choose what types of fish, meat, vegetables, pasta and grains you want to have in your meals. Whenever you change your mind, you can choose to change any of these settings, and MealGuru will automatically adjust to your preferences.

Once you set your preferences, you can start browsing through your weekly menu. If a certain meal doesn't really appeal to your taste buds, tap on the refresh button to see another recipe or the browse button to see the entire list of recipes. When you like what you see, check that meal, and the ingredients that you need to prepare it will automatically be added to your shopping list. If you only need to buy a couple of the ingredients, tick the products you already have to keep your shopping list accurate. And, just in case you're not on shopping duty today or you just want to keep your shopping list in more than one place, you can email it straight from the app.

Find out more about your meals

Every time you see a meal that you like, tap on it and find out more about it. This way, you can read the entire recipe, see exactly what ingredients you need, before they are added to your shopping list and also check out the nutritional information and other interesting facts about the ingredients that make up your meal. If you find a really special recipe, add a note to help you remember what made you like it so much or share it with your friends to also inspire them to cook this healthy, delicious meal.

When it comes to food, MealGuru has all the ingredients that you need to eat healthy, balanced meals. With a complex set of settings and great graphics, MealGuru helps you create a weekly menu that satisfies all your preferences. But don't imagine that it does all these things for free. Purchasing MealGuru will cost you a little bit, so you might think twice before taking the help of this Meal Guru.


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