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Face Bender - NHIGames LLC

Face Bender iPhone App Review.

So you’re looking for an easy way to make fun of a friend’s photo? Perhaps you want to add a funny nose, make him wear disco glasses and give him some scars. Or perhaps you want to see how you would look like with a beard and a tattoo. How about wearing a pilot hat and glasses? Look no further. Face Bender can do all this and much much more!

Face Bender options

Face Bender offers two ways to manipulate a picture. You can either use their wax factory to turn your photo into wax and distort it to your heart’s desires. Or you can apply different effects to it. The developers called these stickers, and that’s a good way to look at them. Stickers are essentially bits and pieces that can easily make up a face, be it a man or a woman.

Face Bender has a wide variety of stickers that come categorized for you. With just a few touches you can add another nose, replace one eye or both, apply a beard and mustache to your subject, cover his head with a hat, or apply lipstick to the lips. For a sneak preview, also check out the Christmas stickers in the app. I look forward to when the holiday season comes and the app will actually include more of them.

However, the most tempting of the stickers are the horror stickers. With these stickers, you can create your favorite Halloween character or a totally new one that’s much scarier than zombies and ghouls. Literally, the limits to this is your own imagination.

How to work with the wax factory

Perhaps the easiest function in the app is bending a face. It is also the default function with which every photo manipulation starts. To use it, all you have to do is touch the part of the photo you want to twist and just drag it around until you have what you wanted.

How to work with the stickers

While the wax factory will make manipulations and modifications directly on your photo, the stickers will act as layers in your document, much like layers in Photoshop. Every new sticker that you add to the photo will essentially sit on its own layer, and you can go back to it at any time and move, resize or delete it from your photo. That is not the same with the wax factory, where once you’ve twisted the photo, , you can’t delete that action.

Don’t worry, none of these changes will be saved to your original photo. The app will make a copy of it for you to use and will only save it to the Camera roll when you ask it to.

There are a few gimmicks that you can apply to stickers. You can resize a sticker by using the slider on the left side of your screen. You can flip it horizontally, rotate it and position it with minute precision. You can also move a sticker to the top or the bottom of the pile of stickers.

When you’re happy with the result, you can save it to the camera roll to send to friends and family.

Before and after with Face Bender

So without further a do, here is a glimpse of what I whipped together in just a couple of minutes with Face Bender. I used their default face of a man that comes bundled with the app. Whoever you are, please accept my apologies for what I’ve done to your headshot. Here are the before and after shots. Everything is done in Face Bender, no other tool was involved.



Personally, I rather enjoyed the sticker collection and the plethora of options it offers. I didn’t care much for the wax factory and how you can bend the face to something that won’t even look like a face anymore. In my before and after shot above, I used the bending options just to fine tune a bit of the character and make his neck a bit bulgy. But other than that, I relied heavily on the stickers and the end result is, well, pretty scary I would say.

I could do with some filters and color settings for some of the stickers, but these are only the ramblings of the graphic designer in me. The truth is they’re not needed, but if you want to fine tune and make the end result as realistic as possible, you will have to apply some of you Photoshop knowledge on the picture on your computer before sending it out to friends and family.

With Halloween right around the corner, this is the perfect app to get you started on ideas for makeup. Quickly snap a picture of yourself, open it with Face Bender and away you go. Decide on a Halloween costume and makeup before making experiments on yourself live. Great app, highly recommended!


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Face Bender
Developer: NHIGames LLC
Category: Photography
Version reviewed: 1.5
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4.5 / 5

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    How come I can't save it? When I press the button to save it in my camera roll its just a blank black screen??

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