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When CityVille meets Family Guy

Posted by Maria Poeana
Family Guy: The Quest for Stuff - TinyCo

Family Guy: The Quest for Stuff iPhone Game Review.

Have you ever imagined what a Family Guy inspired CityVille sort of game would look like? It sounds pretty preposterous, I know. I think there have been at least a couple of rude remarks coming out from Peter’s mouth regarding this sort of games. But, obviously, the people at TinyCo didn’t consider the idea preposterous. And they were right to follow their instinct.

Rebuild Quahog from scratch

First of all, the game is called Family Guy: The Quest for Stuff. I mean, what more could you ask for? Even the title indicates that this game is intended mainly for fun. And then, it begins. After one of the regular massive fights with the Giant Chicken, somehow things blow out of proportion (as they usually do), and the battle ends up destroying all of Quahog. Your job? Help Peter patch things up and bring Quahog to its previous glory. And since we’re talking about Peter Griffin, after all, it means you’ll mainly be the one doing all the work, while he completes stupid tasks like doing the bird or drinking at the Clam.

Complete quests that are far from your regular tasks

And speaking of quests, as all CityVille like sort of games, Family Guy: The Quest for Stuff is, obviously, all about completing different quests. But apart from the basic quests, like building houses, unlocking other characters, planting trees, and buying all sorts of stuff to make the town prettier, most of the quests are pure fun. Like making Quagmire go giggity, helping Chris find a new pair of pants, making Bonnie chug a bottle of wine, and so on. For every task you complete, you earn coins, XP, sometime golden clams (that are, obviously, pretty rare and precious, helping you complete tasks faster). And you sometimes also get all sort of unusual tokens like a bottle of wine, a burger or a bag of oregano that looks an awful lot like some other green stuff that comes in a bag, wink, wink.

Make money to spend money

Besides getting coins out of quests, the houses you build make coins for you, which you can collect after a specific number of minutes or hours. The same goes for quests: some only take a couple of minutes and a small number of coins to complete, others can take hours and a larger number of coins. The good part is you can always start the quest, turn off the game, carry on with your work, and when you get back to the game after a couple of hours, you’ll find the job done. Wouldn’t it be nice if the same applied to all of your daily chores?

As far as what you can do with the coins, that is pretty simple: buy stuff. Just for fun or to help you earn more coins and buy more stuff along the way. Just “tap the shopping cart to see what you can buy! Or don’t if you’re a commie piece of crap”, to state the fact with Peter’s own words. And the game is filled with this sort of comments. It is, after all, a Family Guy inspired game, right?

Visit FaceSpace pages and Multiverses

And speaking of funny comments, in Family Guy: The Quest for Stuff, you can visit the characters’ FaceSpace pages. I repeat: FaceSpace... Here, you can read all sorts of funny remarks written by the characters on their FaceSpace page…and remarks written by Meg. Oh, and you can also visit multiverses with Stewie and his almighty time machine. And by multiverse, I mean a random parallel Quahog, or one of the Quahogs created by your own Facebook friends.

Bottom line, Family Guy: The Quest for Stuff is all about fun. It’s as time consuming as you want it to be, somewhat addictive, and totally hilarious. Oh, and it’s absolutely free of charge. So, you should totally get it. “Or don’t, and regret it forever!”


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Family Guy: The Quest for Stuff
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Version reviewed: 1.1.1
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