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Noteworthy New & Free Games of July

Posted by Maria Poeana

Magic 2015 icon

Magic 2015

Magic 2015 is, by far, the best free game of the Best New Games section in the AppStore this month. From graphics to sound and intensity of the game, Magic 2015 is challenging, intuitive, engaging and, probably, one of the best games I’ve played the past few months.

If you’ve already played Magic, you know by now what I’m talking about. If you haven’t, you’ve got to try it. It might take a long time for the game to download, and probably just as long to go through the entire tutorial, but once you get the idea, you’ll want to test your skills as quickly and as much as possible. Magic 2015 is an extremely complex and strategic card game, where your main goal is defeating your opponent, of course. To do this, you draw cards, build Mana, put beasts and spells in game to block or attack your opponent’s cards. It’s all in the cards, as they say. All you need is a bit of luck, some strategical thinking, and you can be a worthy opponent against any random player, or your Game Center friends.

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Dino Hunter: Deadly Shores icon

Dino Hunter: Deadly Shores

I’m totally against hunting and any sort of animal cruelty, but, in the end, games are purely fictional and it’s more about the skills you earn and the decisions you make, than what or who you fight against to win. In Dino Hunter, you are, as expected, a dino hunter. You aim and shoot all sorts of dinosaur species to clear missions, earn coins, buy and upgrade weapons and become an even better dino hunter.

The graphics are really cool, plus Dino Hunter is a game that allows the player to constantly grow. The targets are increasingly difficult to kill. You have to decide if you should buy another gun now or wait to collect more coins to buy an even better one. To upgrade your ammo, barrel, capacity or sight. Along with skill, a good gun is decisive in the battle against dinosaurs. It might be easy with little dinos, since it only takes one hit to defeat them. But the bigger the dinosaur, the better your aim and your gun need to be. A heart or a long shot will not only bring you more coins, but also a better chance to defeat the fierceful dinosaur before it defeats you.

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Sonic Jump Fever icon

Sonic Jump Fever

I think I really liked all Sonic games, and Sonic Jump Fever is no exception. It’s simple, clear, intuitive…all the characteristics a game needs to have to get you hooked. After endlessly running with Sonic, now you endlessly jump with it. Your goal in this endless jumping game? To reach your destination as soon as possible and take as many animals along with you in the escape balloon that awaits for you at your check-in point. On the way to its destination, you’ll have to help your little animated friend to avoid falling off, jump on obstacles to destroy them, collect boosts, free animals from cages, and a lot of other fun stuff. Then, once the stage is completed, you can obviously use the coins and tokens you earn to buy more power-ups and other cool stuff. So, are you ready? Set? Jump!

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Canyon Crashers icon

Canyon Crashers

I don’t know how many of you still play Candy Crush, but its influence on other games still shows. Canyon Crashers is Candy Crush mixed up with an endless running game. You have an endlessly moving cart that collects all sorts of differently colored gems on its way through the mine. Your goal is to match as many gems of the same color, before the cart has all its slots filled with gems. Mixing up the gems is a bit easier that the candies in Candy Crush, because you can move, and swap them in a lot of ways, and even if they are more than a gem away from their match. But, the cart keeps filling at a faster and faster pace, so Canyon Crashers is also quite a challenge. The good part is you also get a lot of boosts on the way, and your cart can be filled with gems up to three times until the game is over. So, it’s not only annoyingly challenging. It’s also fun.

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Noodle Doodle icon

Noodle Doodle

Some games, no matter how childish they might look, never get old. Noodle Doodle is living proof. Inspired, as other popular games in the App Store, by the classic Hangman, Noodle Doodle will put your mind to the test, and also make you laugh out loud when you discover some of the puzzle solutions.

The game is simple: You have an image, some letters at the bottom of the screen, some spaces to fill up with letters, and a number of lives. Depending on the image, you choose letters from the list and see if they fit in the empty spaces that, once filled, make up a description of the image. With every wrong letter you choose, you lose a life. But the sooner and the less mistakes you make in finding the right letters, the more lives you earn once the puzzle is solved. And with the lives you have now, you move to solving another image description. And another, and another, and so on, until you run out of lives. It might be confusing at first, because a word like “Umbrella” won’t probably fit the description for the image of an Umbrella, and the solution is usually something funny like “Rain Headgear” or some other thing like that. But once you get the hang of it, Noodle Doodle is really catchy.

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