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Funmail - FunMobility

FunMail iPhone App Review.

The iPhone app is meant to give you the option to add relevant images to outgoing text messages, turning SMS into MMS. There shouldn't be any news that SMS is more used than MMS, nor should there be any questions as to why this is so. SMS is faster, it's cheaper, and honestly, I don't always have time and patience to go through my iPhone's camera roll to pick that photo that goes with my message. In comes FunMail to get the job done for me. It analyzes the outgoing SMS, meaning its content, and suggests great and funny pictures from its own repository to go with your text.

The FunMail "Media Brain"

The app is designed so that as users type their message, it will automatically present cute and comical images that relate to your message. The messages contain the user's own text rendered onto the image, that creates that one unique message you'd like your intended sender to surely remember. Think of it as a text-to-funny-image converter. FunMail automagically offers your suggestions of images you should be sending along with your text message.

Their repository is growing on a daily basis, with the community's help of course, and the developers brag with over 10 thousand images and counting.

The App Is Not Localized In Other Languages

The downside of it all is that your text needs to be in English or risk being presented with purely irrelevant, yet still funny, pictures. Presumably, you can contribute your own artwork to the project and develop it further, and I guess that's a way to fuel the app to be localized in your own language. You can visit the FunMail Website to find out how to get involved and even give the system a try.

Starting The New Wave Of MMS

The idea is great. MMS is out there and even though it's a feature not highly used, it's one that is technologically advanced enough to create new opportunities for both users and developers. FunMobility has been amongst the first to seize those opportunities and attempt to bring to the forefront of messaging multimedia messaging. The app makes it easier for me to attach the right photo to the message, but first of all reminds me that I actually can do it. And that's a big plus right there.

FunMail is free to download from the AppStore, and there's absolutely no reason why you shouldn't at least give this one a try.


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Fun Mail

Developer: FunMobility
Category: Social Networking
Released: December 22nd, 2009
Price: FREE
Our Rating

4 / 5

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Developer: FunMobility

Category: Social Networking

Released: December 22nd, 2009

Price: Free

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