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Jesus Candle - mopimp

Jesus Candle iPhone App Review.

We've all seen the success of Zippo, the virtual lighter, an app downloaded by a couple of hundreds of thousands of users around the world. The team over at mopimp are attempting to replicate that success with their new debut app: Jesus Candle. They're pitching the app as the first from a forthcoming line of virtual votive candles that you can safely light on your iPhone and iPod Touch.

Great Graphics And Sprites Rendering

Perhaps the main argument for this iPhone app is its realistic flame movements and glows, as well as the higly detalied graphics and sprites. The flickering flame will glow and lighten the beautifully rendered backdrop. The app highlights some of the functionalities of the iPhone, with the InApp Purchase being at the forefront. You start off with one candle burning, with the option to buy additional candles from the Candle Shop, such as Anima Sola, Sacred Heart, and Virgin Mary. Simply tap anywhere on the screen and that will take you to a virtual Candle Shelf where you can see all your candles and/or buy new ones from the shop.

It's interesting to note that wax will burn over time, and this does really contribute to the whole realistic aspect of the app. When the candle is out of wax, simply double-tap on the screen and that will get you a candle-full of wax to burn through.

What The Developers Say

The developers say that Jesus Candle is, quote-unquote, a charming app that appeals to the spiritually devout amongst us and lovers of kitsch alike, Jesus Candle can be called upon to manifest hope for a better tomorrow, to set the mood for reflection, or just for fun. I fully agree with the statement, minus the fun part. The app was not meant to have fun with - there's only so much you can do with, but rather appeals to a rigid user-base.

The Candle Shop - Controversial Opinions On Prices

The app goes for $0.99 in the AppStore, and each additional candle is an additional $0.99 which seems to me like a bold move on the side of the developers. The detailed graphics and realistic movements are awesome indeed, but comparing the face-value, the app is hardly worth $0.99 to begin with, and I can't imagine why I would be paying an extra $0.99 for each candle I want to see. I'm guessing the price is the main downside of this app, as I would rather burn a real scented candle (I've seen ones that are cheaper than the app's asking price).

If you feel like I've somehow discredited the app unjustly, you're free to try it out. I have one free promo code to give you, so leave me a comment here and subscribe to our newsletter and I'll send you the promo code via email.


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Jesus Candle

Developer: mopimp
Category: Lifestyle
Released: December 18th, 2009
Price: $0.99
Our Rating

2 / 5

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