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The Ultimate Giggle Guide

Posted by Bogdan Lazar
Giggle Bear - Giggle World Productions LLC

Giggle Bear iPhone Game Review.

I’ve played *a lot* of games from the App Store. I can remember most of them and have enjoyed almost every one. But I can only name a few that have kept me playing for quite some time right from the first launch. Giggle Bear is such a game. Now, I know, this is a kids game, but I believe inside all of us lies a kid just waiting to break free. Well now is the time to do it! All you hardcore gamers! All you first-person-shooter fans, you RPG geeks and RTS lovers! Unite! Let your inner kid break free and take control, for lo and behold, Giggle Bear wants to come out and play with you!

What is Giggle Bear?

Giggle Bear is your personal stuffed toy that comes alive every time you open up the game on your iPhone. It giggles, it plays games with you, you can dress it, accessorize it, bathe it and air-dry it. It listens to your iPod music and bounces around the room when you throw it up in the air. But the giggling, the giggling never stops!

Over the course of the game you’ll do a whole bunch of things together with your stuffed toy. Playing games is of course the number one activity you’ll want to do. There’s a variety of games inside Giggle Bear. You can play Simon Says, throw water balloons into buckets, learn about the different constellations by drawing them on the sky or play a card memory game on 6 different difficulties! And the developers promise a whole lot more games in future releases.

There’s also dressing up your bear, pants, jackets, accessories, the works. Fashionistas among you will have a blast mixing and matching different clothes.

Personally, I didn’t have a bear or played with plush toys when I was young, but my God, I did have a LEGO toy that I built into a robot, an alien, all kinds of cars and even a spaceship, before I even knew what a space ship was. And that’s from LEGO pieces that originally made up a tractor! So, I can surely relate to what Giggle Bear has to offer.

Nifty gimmicks that come with Giggle Bear

I loved that you can choose between the type of toy you want to play with. You can have a bear, a rabbit or a moose. They’re all cute and cuddly and ready to play. Once you’ve selected your character, you can give it a name and it will have its own birth certificate and everything.

Everything in the Giggle World costs Giggle Bucks, of course. You start out with 500 and you can earn more as you play the different games available. So what can you do with the Giggle Bucks? Well, you can buy a whole line of new clothing for your Giggle character. You can even have more than one character and play with each individually. You have three to start with, and you can buy additional ones using your Giggle Bucks. Ran out of Giggle Bucks? You can always purchase more via in-app purchases! 4500 Giggle Bucks sells at just $9.99.

You can even record your own giggles so that the Giggle character can sound like you. There are games and discoveries to be made in the Playroom and the Backyard. But you’re not limited to these rooms. You have access to the Dressing room and the Bathroom, where wash your Giggle friend and dry it before you take it out to play with.

There’s a ton to discover and I can’t wait for future releases. This is definitely a game that is bound to keep your young ones entertained and busy for hours!

The graphics are cartoonish and child-like, which is exactly what kids are after. I must say I’ve enjoyed this game and it made me giggle like a kindergarden little boy. Highly recommended for all your kids! Giggle Bear is a game of giggling proportions!


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Giggle Bear
Developer: Giggle World Productions LLC
Category: Games
Updated: May 13th, 2011
Price: $1.99

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4 / 5

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