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Tricky questions for iPhone users

Posted by AppBite Team
How Smart Are You - Trippert

How Smart Are You iPhone App Review.

Looking beyond its typical IQ Test app icon and categorization, "How Smart Are You?" provides us with a different insight into our discerning and attention span capabilities. Its questions are not your typical "complete the series of numbers" you'd be likely to find in any other brain tester out there. In fact, among the other web-based IQ tests we've seen over the years, we didn't see any of the questions found in this iPhone app.

We've seen a similar test circulating over the internet, called The Official Moron Test, which was said to have questions based upon typical graduation requirements at Harvard University. You'll find some of the questions from there incorporated into this iPhone app, along with many others. Both are pretty interesting, with the web-based one having the upper hand for more questions, and displaying the right and wrong answers at the end of the test, along with explanations.

Nevertheless, you're in for a few surprises with this iPhone IQ Test if you're not paying careful attention to what the questions asks. In fact, this is what the "How Smart Are You?" app tests: your attention. The questions are rather easy as long as you fully understand what it asks of you. After completing the test, the app gives you the possibility to post your results on Facebook, which is a nice addition to what the app seemed to be missing: the ability to share the results with friends via email or social networking sites.

Its results should not be taken ad-literam either. As far as we know, IQ tests take into consideration more than just a couple of tricky questions, a much larger number of questions coming from different areas and testing different brain abilities, and not to mention benefit from a more complex algorithm to calculate your IQ. "How Smart Are You?" disregards all of these and tries to offer a funnier alternative, while still coming up with tricky questions that mainly test your attention. The app is free to download in the AppStore and worth looking into, if not for testing your IQ, at least for the fun of the questions.


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How Smart Are You

Developer: Trippert
Category: Entertainment
Updated: September 14th, 2009
Price: FREE
Our Rating

2 / 5

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