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iColoring Book - PockeySoft

iColoring Book iPhone App Review.

With iColoring Book from Pockey Soft parents empower their children to enjoy the beauties of coloring straight with an iPhone or iPod Touch. A fun and interactive app provides several hours of entertainment for your kids, and hours of quiet and relaxation for yourself.

iColoring Book fully uses the iPhone touch screen capabilities, turning your finger into a crayon. And if you've ever gone mad that coloring goes beyond the drawn-up borders, there's no need to worry now. What is truly awesome about this iPhone app is exactly this "fill" option, that lets the app makes sure that your coloring stays within the lines, even if your finger goes beyond the borders. You can of course turn off this feature and choose to color anywhere, outside and even across the lines.

The tools put at your finger's disposal are simple and effective. You have various drawing tools, pens and markers, together with the ability to control transparency levels. Select different crayons to give life to your pictures by tapping on one of the colored crayons at the bottom of the screen, or swipe the row of crayons to reveal more colors. The app provides a wide diversity of colors to choose from to make sure your ideas can indeed come to life in your coloring. Zoom in and out for that precise coloring in tight areas. After selecting the "Move" tab, pinch the screen as you normally would to zoom in and out. The app didn't look to reinvent the iPhone's functions here, making it simple, intuitive and effective.

iColoring Book comes with about 30 pictures for your coloring enjoyment, plus the ability to import more pages. In its lite version, you get 10 pictures to experiment. Both offer the possibility to save progress and come back to the coloring later on, or simply save multiple versions to compare and contrast. Priced at $2.99 in the App Store, iColoring Book is definitely worth looking into.


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iColoring Book

Developer: PockeySoft
Category: Entertainment
Updated: August 3rd, 2010
Price: $2.99
Our Rating

3 / 5

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