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Top 10 Barcelona iPhone App Review

With Top 10 Barcelona for your iPhone or iPod Touch, you'll never run out of fun activities and spectacular places to visit. Whatever your plans and budget are, this app will make sure you get the most out of your experience in Barca. Top 10 Barcelona is one of the 10 new Travel Apps the development team at CoolGorilla launched for Dorling Kindersley, the world’s best-selling travel publisher.

What makes this iPhone app special as related to its market is, of course, the top quality content, which is not grabbed anonymously from public sites or stuff you would also find on Google Maps. Since we're talking about one of the world's most respected travel guide publishers, the iPhone app needed to be top notch, and we believe it serves its purpose rising up to the challenge. All its content is offline, downloaded with the app. We're talking about a bigger file size (18.6MB), but, the development team over at CoolGorilla definitely took under consideration practicability before anything else, since you would have to assume high charges for the roaming service, and a wireless connection is not what you'd want to be looking for in Barcelona. The only connection to the internet the app requires is for an up-to-date currency converter.

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Talking about content, Top 10 Barcelona for the iPhone gives you up-to-date and complete lists of what's hot in one of Spain's greatest cities, and a beacon of attraction for tourists. As with the app name, it offers dozens of Top 10 lists of everything worth seeing in Barcelona. If you're into museums, be sure to visit "Museu del Temple Expiatori de La Sagrada Familia." You're a shopaholic? No es una problema! Just head downtown and the app will let you know where fashion lies. If you don't know how to get downtown, Top 10 Barcelona covers that as well. Its Maps Section for the city covers central Barcelona, the old town map, complete with metro stations and directions.

What seems to matter most, as with any travel guide app, is content and how to best get it across to the user. Top 10 Barcelona offers a easy to use and intuitive menu, as the last thing you need is a guide book to your guide book. The travel guide offers travel tips and the much needed insider info every visitor needs to enjoy a great experience. Text tips are completed by images that are included in the articles to help you recognize sights when you come across them. If you're not in the neighborhood on the other hand, no problem, you can bookmark your favorite sights to see them later in the trip.

Complete with travel tips such as opening hours for anything from cafes to churches, web sites and contact information you can access directly on the iPhone, Top 10 Barcelona definitely sparked our interest in the city of Barcelona, and, also, in the other 9 apps featuring locations such as London, Dubai, Paris, Rome, the City of Angels, or the Big Apple, all available in the AppStore at the same price of $7.99. So whether you're going to plan your next trip ahead of time from home, or simply decide to go backpacking and get info as you visit, be sure you're carrying this iPhone app to make your Barcelona experience as pleasant as possible.

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  3. I have downloaded this app yesterday and this app is really awesome.

  4. Still I didn’t try that app, but my brother using it. He said that it is great and has clear images.

  5. Laura Scott says:

    This is really a great app with great number of photos and images in it. I discover it amazingly useful when lining up or seated on the bus, or for solving conversations in bars.

  6. Nikoline says:

    New free app, worth a look! travel like the locals: Enllaç is an application that helps you find the the best route using Barcelona public transportation.

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