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Live Poker - Zynga

Live Poker by Zynga iPhone App Review.

Zynga launches LivePoker quickly getting to the top of most downloaded apps from the Apple Appstore, and infecting even those that made it a point not to get addicted to casino games. With LivePoker, Zynga brought the excitement, the strategy, the stress and the joy of winning that big pot that only Texas Hold'Em can provide.

Being the first ever app to be launched in the App Store that makes use of Facebook's Connect Platform and lets users sign in to LivePoker using their Facebook account. For non-facebook users, the game lets you use your Hi5, Bebo, or MySpace account to play. Simply sign in to your account, invite friends from your list to play, or choose a table and join others as you call and raise the stakes.

LivePoker can offer even the most experienced players hours of fun gameplay, coupled with realistic features like a drink bar that lets you offer cocktails to friends and opponents. Choose an avatar, or use the one from your Facebook account, chat with friends across the table, and generally enjoy your experience like you would at the best tables in Vegas.

One thing to note is that the game does not require any real money of any kind. Apple's policy for non-gambling however did not stop the team from Zynga from getting the Appstore approval team to appreciate the value of a good poker app for the iPhone or iPod Touch. Also, as you may have imagined, the game requires a stable internet connection (be it WiFi, 3G or EDGE) to play.

For those experienced players amongst you, there should be no problem with recognizing the environment of online poker table that Zynga offers. The rules of Texas Hold'Em are in effect, and are really easy to learn for beginners. This is perhaps the greatest advantage of LivePoker. You get to play the real game, with real people, LIVE. However, as with all free Texas Hold'Em games you find online at every Google search, if no money is involved, it lacks a real challenge, making some of the players not take the game serious, if there's nothing to lose. This decreases the overall game experience. It is still a great game to play on your iPhone if you're looking for just entertainment. But don't get fooled by how good you are and hit Vegas the very next day, as those millions you make with Zynga's LivePoker don't account for nothing at any table in Vegas.

The team at Zynga brings the most popular addicting games to social networks such as Facebook and MySpace, games such as Texas Hold'Em, BlackJack, Scramble or Sudoku. These, together with a couple of fantasy action titles such as Mafia Wars or Vampires makes Zynga the largest social gaming network.

The basic version of the LivePoker application is available in the iTunes Appstore for free, giving you a smaller amount of chips to get you started, and adds 1,000 more to your bankroll every day that you play. Going Deluxe will get you a 2,000 chips daily bonus for every day you play, ensuring hours of play-time. The Deluxe version goes for $0.99, while the advanced Deluxe version will cost you $9.99.


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LivePoker by Zynga

Developer: Zynga
Category: Games
Updated: November 30th, 2010
Price: FREE
Our Rating

3 / 5

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  2. Friv says:

    Live poker is one of the famous online social game application which is really interesting to play in Smart Phones. Almost SmartPhone users are interested to play this kind of social games just for fun and enjoyment purpose.

  3. Friv says:

    Live poker is one of the famous online social game application which is really interesting to play in Smart Phones. Almost SmartPhone users are interested to play this kind of social games just for fun and enjoyment purpose.

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    This is really fantastic game. I really enjoyed this game in My friend's iPhone. Their function are really interesting and easy to play. Thanks for sharing this kindly information.

  6. Looking forward to downloading this and trying it out, hope it's as good as some of the reviews say!

  7. pitequake says:

    Its true that it could be fun to play Zynga which give a chance to play for next level.I have played in Zynga couple of times and my bets were also made me a winner.

  8. Irish Lee says:

    The casino games of Zynga really take its player to the next level. Taking it just only for fun or to be one of the best players, whatever it is, Zynga lets the players make their choice and make them a casino gaming enthusiast.

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    I read about Zynga's LivePoker game on an online casino reviews site and every body had only nice things to say about it. I am a poker fan myself and I just can't wait to download it and try it out.

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