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Burning Tires - FishLabs

Burning Tires iPhone App Review.

Burning Tires from FishLabs comes to your iPhone and iPod Touch as an arcade racing game that lets you choose from a lineup of wacky cars and race in tournaments on off-road and crazy tracks. Needless to say the game is simply not your average race game with NeedForSpeed real cars on asphalt streets, struggling to avoid traffic, an driving with that extra care as not to damage your car and leave the race.

Burning Tires takes the normal out of racing while keeping all the rules of regular racing games (i.e. be the first to cross that finish line) and gives you a set of 7 wacky looking cars, with over-sized tires and race in 4 tournaments that progress in difficulty. Each has three races, and your finish position gives you a number of points that are added up at the end of the third race. That final score determines your overall position. The tracks are set against a desert, volcano or icy background, all with impressive graphics. The cars also behave extremely impressive against the graphics, with a great use of visual and sound effects.

The controls are pretty self-explainable. Tilt the iPhone or touch the side arrows to steer. There's no need for the acceleration or brake pedal, so the game becomes a case of steering. Pressing on your car will sound a very funny horn. Each of the tracks features several S bends, pretty narrow and any slip-ups can potentially cost you as your car decelerates, and you have to re-steer it accordingly.

Perhaps one of the most interesting things we've noticed with Burning Tires is its style of game play, and especially the way your opponents will behave depending on your position in the race. FishLabs seems to have given the game a turn for the abnormal, figuring out a pretty interesting way to encourage competition and always keep you hooked. As such, depending on where your little wacky car is in the race, your opponents will either slow down to wait for you or try their best to outmaneuver you and get ahead.

We believe FishLabs did an awesome job both in terms of graphics and the level of game play. Burning Tires is bound to rank high in your preferences for racing games. However, if you're looking for that regular speed-up, brake down for curves and steer on a crowded street kind of game, you're in for a surprise as this iPhone game will astound you with the abnormal. The Lite version of the game offers a great preview of the real thing, with one car and two races to experience the feel Burning Tires 3D can offer you for the price of $1.99.


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Burning Tires

Developer: FISHLABS
Category: Games
Updated: June 30th, 2010
Price: FREE
Our Rating

3.5 / 5

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