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Numeri - Slithelrink

Numeri iPhone App Review.

Numeri is the iPhone version of the popular puzzle game Slitherlink. The object of the game is to draw a single closed line between the dots that would leave all of the digits valid. A digit is valid when the cell containing it has as many line segments around it as the digit contained within.

Be careful, as each of the puzzles is not as easy as 1, 2, 3. Drawing that continuous loop is not a piece of pie, and, while the game is not for everyone, each of the puzzles has exactly one valid solution. While being fun and entertaining, if you were looking for a stress-reliever then perhaps this game may not be for you. The game screen is simplistic in nature, leaving all the room for a nevertheless effective gaming experience. A 5 by 6 grid containing numbers 0 through 3 within apparently random squares within it is your playground. By touching a cell, all the line segments around that cell are triggered, making the valid loop way more difficult to achieve.

And it is exactly this interesting feature of Numeri that makes it stand apart from the original Slitherlink game. You aren't working with segments of a line, but with an already closed loop circuit you have to manipulate by pushing and pulling a line segment around the grid to get what you need to finish the game. This of course makes the game more difficult, but that much more interesting at the same time. As I said, the game is not for everyone, but once you get the hang of it, you'll be solving puzzles faster and get a feel for an increased efficiency in determining the loop moves needed.

Numeri's user interface is clean and simplistic, leaving all the room for solving puzzles. You can clear the grid to restart the puzzle, start a new one by easily switching screens with the arrows at the bottom of the screen, and even get the solution for the current puzzle. The UI certainly has everything the users need and nothing of the bells and whistles they don't.

With Numeri, you're up against one feisty puzzle game that will keep you at attention for hours of entertainment. The game is available for purchase at a small bargain price of $0.99, and if you're into trying before buying, the game itself now has a lite version released in the App Store free to download. It offers a tasty bite of what the real deal is all about - really worth it.


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Category: Games
Released: July 24th, 2009
Price: $0.99
Our Rating

3.5 / 5

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