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May’s Top Free Games

Posted by Maria Poeana

There were so many great games this month that, honestly, it was pretty hard to pick just 5 of them. Plus, they are all free. So, we sat down, got in front of our iPhones and iPads, and started playing one game after another. And after hours of playing, while going through all sorts of different games, here are the best 5 we came across this month.

Pudding Monsters icon

Pudding Monsters

Even if we already reviewed Pudding Monsters this month, it is too good of a game not to include it in this chart. Actually, it is the best game we came across in May. I, for one, only have a few levels to play until finishing the game, and I still haven't found any flaw with the whole experience. I don't like to use big words like "perfect," but Pudding Monsters is as close to perfection as it gets.

In case you missed our review of Pudding Monsters, you should know that it is a classical puzzle game. The goal? Combine all the pudding pieces on the board to form one big pudding monster. Carefully move them from one point to another, while making sure they always land on another piece of pudding, or hit a barrier to prevent them from falling off the board. The rest is magic. You'll come across all sorts of barriers to help you, beautifully designed backgrounds, and, of course, all sorts of puddings, with their specific characteristics. What can I say...the creators of Pudding Monsters took creativity to a whole new level, there's no doubt about it.

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Candy Crush Saga icon

Candy Crush Saga

Wherever I turned this month, everyone was playing the same game. And this was Candy Crush. So, naturally, I decided to also give it a try. I must admit, Candy Crush Saga isn't as mind blowing as expected. But, with over 48,000 ratings leading to a 4 star score out of 5, it was impossible to overlook Candy Crush Saga this month.

The game is simple and extremely intuitive. You have a board filled with candy pieces (sounds like a dream, right?), and your goal is to have as many identical pieces of candy in a line. To do so, you have to find the candy pieces you can switch with one another to form your line. The more lines you clear, the more points you earn. But although the game looks really easy at first, especially since it constantly suggests moves, you should make your own moves. Because you have a limited number of moves to reach a certain score per level. And the game suggests viable moves, but not necessarily the best ones to bring you the most points.

But these are just the basics. Candy Crush Saga has all sorts of power-ups. A huge number of levels to clear. And no matter how good a player you become, somehow the next level still brings something new to the table, challenging you even more. Plus, it's a game you can really play no matter where you are: start it on your iPad, continue playing on your iPhone when you're on the move, and start where you left off on your computer, on Facebook. Candy Crush Saga is literally being played anywhere you look.

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Dead Ahead icon

Dead Ahead

Zombies are in, there's no doubt about it. And, to my surprise, zombie games keep getting better and better every day. Dead Ahead is living proof, so to say. The goal? Kill zombies, of course. But, unlike most zombie games, Dead Ahead also has other achievements for you to unlock.

Your main weapon is your character's motorcycle. You also have a gun, but, as strange as it seems, you'll kill most zombies by running them over. Static zombies just stand in the middle of the street, almost looking like they're waiting for you to run them over. The active zombies will run after you, trying to catch and eat you. You can easily kill the static zombies by running them over. The active zombies are harder to dispose off. You either shoot them with the little ammo you have. Or, as you'll find out on your own, it's better to accelerate and lose them for a short period of time. Or trick them into hitting the cars or other obstacles on the street. But be careful, because all these obstacles are fatal for you too, not just for the zombies.

And although all this would have been enough to play Dead Ahead, the game also has other incentives. Beside all the power-ups that are becoming more and more popular with games, you can spend coins on other upgrades. Like a better motorcycle. A better gun. More ammo. And all sorts of other upgrades. How cool does all that sound?

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Tetris Blitz icon

Tetris Blitz

Who thought there was still place for a new Tetris game? And not just any place, but currently the first place in the Top Free Games Chart in the AppStore. So, you have to wonder: what more can this game tell us about Tetris, that we don't already know? Well, you'd be amazed.

With the classic version of Tetris, I always struggled to find the best fit for all those pieces that kept coming and coming at me, until the screen was filled with them. With Tetris Blitz, you can say goodbye to that, because it suggests to you all the possible fits for every piece. So, instead of finding it yourself, you just have to pick the best one. The goal stays the same: clear as many lines as possible. But with Tetris Blitz, there's a time limit. But there are also boosts to be earned, or bought with the coins you collect. To help you shake pieces off the board, vaporize lines, or get more time. Plus, you can also challenge your Facebook friends to a quick Tetris Blitz challenge. And when a name like Electronic Arts is behind all this, the result can't be anything less than spectacular.

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Angry Birds Space icon

Angry Birds Space

Since we're on the topic of classics being brought back to life, last but not least, there's Angry Birds Space. I know what you're thinking: another Angry Birds game? But although the game isn't that fresh, it seems we haven't yet had enough of throwing birds at pigs. Or else, Angry Birds Space wouldn't currently be number 3 in the AppStore, and grossing. Especially since this week, it's completely free of charge.

Now, you probably know the game-play by heart. As well as the stories, the goal, and mostly everything about Angry Birds. So,why play yet another Angry Birds game? Mainly because, believe it or not, it still brings something new to the table. In space, with no gravity, killing pigs is not really the same. And a new environment asks for new characters, specially designed for this space challenge. Plus, if the Star Wars fans got their personalized game, with specially designed characters, how could the Star Trek fans be overlooked?

And there are also the new boosts. The curiosity to see if you can overcome these challenges as well. And how can you miss the opportunity to get a paid Angry Birds game, when you can have it for free this week? We really couldn't say no. To downloading it. Playing it. And including it in this chart. After all, we're talking about Angry Birds here.

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