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2020: My Country iPhone Game Review.

If you're tired of farming, cows, tractors and other country-side chores, but still enjoy these multiplayer simulation games, then perhaps it's time to move into the future. 2020: My Country is the iPhone and iPad game that lets you build and maintain your very own futuristic country. You'll need to build, hire, expand, deal with disasters and accidents and take your nation to new heights. Oh yes, in case you're wondering, you can visit your friends' futurist countries as well. Ready? Go!

A complex game

To say the least, 2020: My country is one big complex game. The mechanics of game play can hardly be covered in one small review, although the idea is simple enough. Your basic task is to build your country by expanding from one small island to multiple interconnected land masses. You have at your disposal several types of buildings, different in-game currencies, employees, contracts and tasks that guide you through building your dream country.

Throughout the game, you will unlock new ventures that allow you to complete other tasks, build new buildings and basically guide you through developing your futuristic nation. Different buildings require different items, energy levels and funds to complete. They will also require, upon completion, different employees to run them, and these employees require you to complete several different tasks in order to be able to hire them. Add to this the randomness of natural disasters or accidents and you've got yourself a game that's as complex as it gets!

The entire game revolves around the in-game currencies. You have several types of currencies in the game. You can collect game dollars from your existing buildings at various intervals. This is also the currency used to purchase various items in the game, like spawning new buildings, assisting with natural disasters and other accidents and hiring professionals throughout the country. Country bucks are earned when you level up or can be purchased with real currency. This currency will allow you to skip steps such as performing jobs needed to hire employees in new buildings, or can be used to get more energy when you run out of it.

The entire game though revolves around energy. If you don't have enough of it, you can't perform any tasks. You start off with a max of 21 points. Each time you level up, the max is increased and the energy meter is fully replenished. Each time you perform a task, you spend energy. If you want to speed up construction on a new building, you need to spend a butt-load of energy as well.

Worry not though, because energy replenishes automatically by one point every five minutes. You can also purchase extra energy with country bucks. Also, for some tasks, you may be rewarded with an energy point upon completion. As far as I could figure out, these are random occurences.

With each new job you complete, you earn XP points. Experience points let you level up. Progressing through the levels will let you build more awesome things, hire other people, expand your country, etc.

Construction, level up and natural disasters

In-game buildings are a different sort of beast than in other similar games. Tapping on the build icon in the lower left corner will bring up a gigantic menu with the sort of buildings you can build, categorized by purpose. Some buildings will need game dollars, others will require you spend country bucks. Larger constructions will require that they be built in multiple stages. Each stage takes time to complete. If you don't want to wait around for them to complete, you can choose to spend energy points to get them built faster. Each stage will require new energy points.

It's worth nothing that buildings can only be raised on clear ground. If there are rocks, trees or other debris on the ground, you first need to clear the ground. And, of course, you spend energy to dig them up and clear the area.

Once the buulding is complete, you still need to hire professionals to man them. The game will tell you what type of people you need to hire, but it's not as simple as tapping hire. Each new hire will require three extra jobs you need to perform to gain three special items needed by that professional before he becomes a full-time employee. For these jobs, you'll likely be spending game dollars, at the very least. I mean, everything ties in, but geez, it's a system that can trip you at any point in time.

Finally, when you have a fully operational building, you can earn funds at various intervals and you can also take out contracts for large sums of money and experience points.

Tapping on any building will tell you its current level. The level of the building determines the types of contract you can take out on them, and naturally, the amount you gain throughout the gameplay from them.

As you build new stuff, unlock new ventures and complete more contracts, you earn experience points and you eventually level up in the game. As you level up though, accidents begin to happen all around and you need to pause your current strategy to fix them. Accidents can include a fire in a building (which requires you to build a firestation) or a road accident (which requires you to build a police station and hire policemen).

At a point, you'll have raised all the buildings you can on your small island. It's then time to expand by purchasing additional plots of land, either through country bucks or by locating specific items around your country.

2020: My Country is a social game and it indeed rewards you for connecting your social networks to the game. You can easily earn $15,000 game dollars for connecting each of Twitter and Facebook to the game.

Now remember, this is a very basic introduction to 2020: My Country. In order to experience it yourself, you'll need to head on over to the App Store and get it yourself. The game is totally worth it, especially if you're a fan of the genre. Complexity aside, the graphics and in-game sounds are the bomb!


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2020: My Country
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