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Get Ready For Some Real Basketball

Posted by Maria Poeana
Real Basketball - Mobil Interaktif

Real Basketball iOS Game Review.

I'm not into sports games. Mainly because I suck at them. In the real world, and the virtual one. So, I am pretty skeptical when it comes to reviewing a sports game. And if there was a game I hate playing most, that would be basketball. In the real world, I'm too short to play it. In the virtual one, I lack any sense of direction. But, I must admit I got pretty hooked on Real Basketball.

At first, I was a complete mess, as expected. I could appreciate the quality of the game, but my highest score was 8 points. And you get 2 points per score. So, you can only imagine how poor my game was. But then I decided to give it a try on the iPad, as well, and what do you know: I wasn't a pro, but I was a much better player than I was when I played Real Basketball on my iPhone. Guess I needed a bigger screen to see things clearer. Either way, it's pretty great Real Basketball is available for both iPhone and iPad.

What the game is all about

Now, the goal with Real Basketball is the same as with any other basketball game: score as many points as you can. The more balls you shoot through the basket, the more points you get, and so on. It's pretty basic. But with Real Basketball, you have all sorts of challenges to keep you focused.

Play it by yourself or online

First of all, the game can be played in Single Mode, or Online. In Single Mode, you can choose from a variety of game options, like Arcade, Tournament, Time Attack or Single Ball, and buy others like All-Stars and Block. As expected, each different style of game comes with its own advantages and disadvantages. For example, while in Tournament, you have to score a certain number of points to go from one level to another, in Time Attack, you have 1 minute to score as many points as you can. In Arcade you have 5 balls to prove what you can, while in Single Ball, you have, as expected, one ball to do so.

As for the Online Mode, you can either join a room and compete against another player, or you can challenge a friend. However, I didn't quite get how you can challenge a friend who is already playing Real Basketball, since the only way you could access your friends was on Facebook.

Power-ups, coins, and upgrades

These are the basics. But what makes Real Basketball even cooler are all the power-ups you unlock as you score more points. The gold coins you earn with every achievement you unlock, or with every game you win in Online Mode. Be careful, though, because it's not always a win-win situation. If you lose a game in Online Mode, you also lose gold coins. It's true it's not the end of the world if you lose all your coins, but it feels so good to see their number grow, and be able to buy all sorts of cool basketball models and equipment.

Enjoy it all on your iPad and iPhone

There are probably even more stuff you can enjoy with Real Basketball that I haven't yet discovered. And you can make the most out of all these features both on your iPad, and iPhone. Same image quality. Same motion quality. Only a bit easier to score on your iPad, because of the larger view you have of the basketball court. But, at the same time, more practical to play it on your iPhone, no matter where you are.

Bottom line, Real Basketball is a great game to play on your iPhone, during breaks at the office. And on your iPad in the confort of your home. Train in Single Mode to get more victories in Online Mode. Discover all the cool stuff you can do with this game. And learn to enjoy basketball even more. That is what Real Basketball is all about.


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Real Basketball
Developer: Mobil Interaktif
Category: Games
Version reviewed: 1.4.2
Price: FREE

Our Rating

4.5 / 5

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3 Bites to “Get Ready For Some Real Basketball”

  1. Sirilehm Racip Naretyreim says:

    Can't even play with friends on fb …

  2. Moses Mieryteran says:

    How can u connect with a friend on Facebook and play real basketball with? Already friends this friend and nothing anyone?

  3. Jason says:

    This game is fun, but it gets aggravating when your playing someone and they get on fire and getting 3xs the points and they miss 3 straight shots and still be on fire getting 3xs the points. When I get on fire and miss a shot I go back to normal points. Plus the game goes in and out of slow connection. On the achievements they don't tell you enough to do it. I'm stuck on score 100 points on single tournament mode. I can't figure it out.

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