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Let The Game Of Thrones Begin

Posted by Maria Poeana

Three years ago, the most important dates of the year were friends and family birthdays, my birthday, of course, along with Christmas and Easter. That was until Game Of Thrones was released. Since then, the 31st of March is a day of joy and celebration. As it must also be for all of you Game Of Thrones fans out there. As for those of you who haven't yet gotten the taste for Game Of Thrones, or didn't have the time to enjoy the show, here are a couple of apps to get you on track. Especially since the third season is airing just about now.

Kings Road Companion for Game of Thrones icon

Kings Road Companion for Game Of Thrones

The first thing you need to get a taste of Game Of Thrones is get familiarized with the characters, the plot, the surroundings. And that's exactly what the creators of Kings Road Companion for Game Of Thrones must have had in mind when making this app. Learn about the most important characters of the show so far. And since there are so many characters involved in a Game of Thrones, take a look at their family trees, as well. Discover the most important houses. Check out places of interest, where the action takes place. And that's not all.

On top of all this, with Kings Road Companion for Game Of Thrones you can also enjoy some amazing production videos that will take you behind the scenes and right at the core of the show. Plus, explore an episode list presenting some of the most important events in the second season of the show. All this for free. With great graphics and a user friendly interface.

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IGN App for Game of Thrones icon

IGN App for Game Of Thrones

Once you start getting a hang of the show, you'll probably want to find out even more. Receive Game Of Thrones updates. Watch more videos. Explore more. Enjoy more of this amazing world imagined by George R.R. Martin and the creators of the show. That's when you should download the IGN App for Game Of Thrones. If I was impressed with the previous app, let me just tell you that this one left me speechless.

What is so amazing about this app is that it helps you explore the show from so many angles that if you would read all the articles and watch all the videos, you'd probably end up being a Game Of Thrones expert. You have top news from IGN and Reddit. A huge list of videos from IGN, YouTube and other Guides. Amazing wallpapers. Interactive maps. Plus all, and I mean all, the information you need to know from Wikipedia. From the episode guide, characters, creatures and kingdoms to tv-book differences, fan art and even a complete Westeros history, Game Of Thrones will no longer be a mystery after going through this app.

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A quiz of ice and fire icon

A Quiz of Ice and Fire

At some point along the process, you'll probably feel like you know so much about Game Of Thrones, that you'll wanna put all that knowledge to a test. And what better way to do that than with a quiz. Better said, A Quiz of Ice and Fire.
Now, what I liked most about this quiz is that you don't just answer tons and tons of questions without going nowhere. Because, with A Quiz of Ice and Fire, every quiz takes you further along the way on the map. Start from The Kingsroad and find your way to the Wall by completing every quiz. You are allowed 3 wrong answers per quiz. Give more wrong answers and you'll be defeated. Otherwise, you're up for a sure victory that will take you one step closer to the Wall.

However, if you're not ready for a journey today, no worries. A Quiz of Ice and Fire also has arcade mode quizzes. Go to The Citadel or The Night's Watch, set the difficulty level, and see how many answers you can get right. At first, it might prove to be a bit of a challenge, but the trick is that, at some point, the questions are bound to repeat themselves. If only it were that simple to win the actual game of thrones.

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GoT sounds icon

GoT Sounds

With all this burst of information, quizzes and videos, you'd think all that could be put in an app about Game Of Thrones, was already put there. Or so I thought before coming across GoT Sounds. It's true, it wasn't the last app of the sort I came across, but I left it last, because I think you must be pretty into Game Of Thrones to enjoy it.

GoT Sounds is all about the words and the characters that spoke them during the show so far. Eddard Stark saying the already iconic “Winter is coming” or Tyrion with his “A Lannister always pays his debts.” You can hear all these quotes, and many more, straight from the characters, as they were spoken during the show. Just pick a character and listen to all his iconic quotes. Or pick an episode, and relive the events through the character's words.

The downside is you can't set “I am Khaleesi of the Dothraki” or “Stick'em with the pointy end” as a text message alert. But you can listen to all these quotes, and more, over and over again. To gain confidence. Feel good about yourself. Or just put a smile on your face thinking about Game Of Thrones.

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And if you still don't feel like you've had enough of Game Of Thrones, well, remember you can always purchase A Song Of Ice And Fire collection from the AppStore. All the episodes released so far, from iTunes. And, of course, watch yet another new episode every Sunday, on HBO.

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