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Evernote Food iPhone App Review.

There are so many food apps that you should feel inspired to cook or try something new every day. In theory. In practice, however, there's never enough time to do so. And when you have the time to cook or the urge to try some new restaurant, you don't know what to pick. Of course, Epicurious is always a great app to solve this problem. But it's not the only one. Evernote Food is also an app that should be on every gourmande's iPhone or iPad.

What I liked most about Evernote Food is that it's not just a cookbook. Or a restaurant seeker. Or a check in and share your favorite meals kind of app. It's all in one. And more.

Explore recipes from various sites

With Evernote Food, the sky is the limit. You don't have a list of dishes you can cook and that's it. You have a multitude of recipes, each one directing you to another site, where you can find even more recipes to get you inspired. Evernote Food shouldn't be regarded as a recipe book, but as a platform that helps you explore all sorts of foods from various sites. Whether you browse through the randomly listed recipes, or search for what you're craving, one thing's for sure: Evernote Food will inspire you.

Find the perfect restaurant

If you are, however, looking for a restaurant to satisfy your food cravings, Evernote Food can help you with that, as well. You can either look for restaurants near you, a particular restaurant, or a restaurant located in a particular area. Tap on the name of the restaurant and find out more about it. If it seems to be what you are looking for, clip it to save it to your Evernote account. This way, you'll have all your favorite restaurants safely stored in your Evernote account, so you'll never have to wonder again: what was the name of the restaurant where we had that amazing steak?

Clip and share your meals

Plus, besides clipping, you can put a pin on the meals you loved and the places you enjoyed, by adding them to the "My Meals" section in Evernote Food, and share them with your friends. Whether you're looking to save a great meal you had at some amazing restaurant, or a delicious dish you cooked yourself, simply add a new meal to the list with a single tap.

Create your own Cookbook

And that's still not all. With Evernote Food you can explore all types of delicious meals. You can search for restaurants. You can save and share your culinary experiences. Plus, you can create your own Cookbook. Just clip every recipe you like to your Evernote account. Whether you come across them on Evernote Food, or while browsing the web, you can easily clip them, and whenever you are looking for one of them, you don't have to worry. They are safely stored on your Evernote account, and your Cookbook on the Evernote Food app.

Other facts like the incredibile and extremely intuitive design of the app are probably redundant, since we are talking, after all, about an Evernote app. So, in case I didn't manage to convince you by now, I'll let Evernote Food do the rest. Just give it a try the next time you're hungry or just looking to get creative in the kitchen. And it will talk for itself.


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Evernote Food
Developer: Evernote
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