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Ironworm - 10tons Ltd

Ironworm iPhone Game Review.

In a world where worms no longer get along with the other bugs, the beginning of a war is inevitable. And there is a single worm who can try to destroy all the enemies and restore the worm supremacy. This is Ironworm. But he needs somebody's help to complete this difficult task. So, how about giving Ironworm a hand? All you have to do is download Ironworm from the AppStore and let the battle begin.

Ironworm's story

Ironworm is a challenging game, where you have to control a worm as he is trying to make his way from one level to another. The goal is to reach the villainous Boss Bug and destroy him. But, the road is filled with dangers and you'll have to make sure that you make the most of Ironworm's skills if you want to win this battle. So, you should know straight from the start that his tail is his only strength, while his entire body is his weakness. And to move from one place to another, Ironworm has to clench his teeth or his tail into stones or other hard materials, while protecting his body from the enemy attack. He has 3 lives per level and each level is cleared when he reaches the Exit point.

Ironworm's story is made up of 3 episodes, each one containing 10 levels. And, as expected, the enemies get tougher with every level, and the road to the Exit point gets longer and more complicated to cross over. If, at first, Ironworm only has to face a couple of small bugs that can be crushed with a single hit, later on he will have to face vile creatures, that can shoot from a distance or even explode in his face. Also, surprisingly enough, although the enemies get stronger and the Exit points get further away, Ironworm remains the same. However, if you want your hero to get tougher, you can purchase a stronger worm or a heavier weight for his tail.

Face all the challenges & defeat the Big Boss

And there are still more obstacles that Ironworm will have to face. On his way to the Big Boss, he will come across materials that he cannot clench his teeth or tail into. For instance, Ironworm can only clench his tail into blocks of ice and he will have to avoid clouds, since there's no way for him to attach himself to them. So, it won't always be possible to choose the shortest way to the Exit point.

As for graphics and controls, it might take a while until you really get the hang of them. The worms and bugs are really well designed, but Ironworm is still a squishy, slimy worm. And you might find it kind of hard to control his tail to hit the enemies, because you can't always hit them that hard as to destroy them. But, after a couple of levels, you'll get the hang of it and you won't even realize that the hero you're cheering for is a worm. You'll even start seeing him as a night in shining armor, who is fighting for a good cause.

Taking all these things into consideration, Ironworm is definitely a game that is worth its price. It's got a captivating plot that evolves around an interesting character. Plus, it's easy enough for you to not get pissed while playing it, but also challenging enough for you to waste a couple of hours clearing all 10 levels in every episode.


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Developer: 10tons Ltd
Category: Games
Version reviewed: 1.0.0
Price: $0.99

Our Rating

3.5 / 5

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