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Have Yourself Some Fun With JigglePic

Posted by Bogdan Lazar
JigglePic - Natrosoft LLC

JigglePic iphone App Review.

JigglePic is a fun little app that lets you distort faces in photos and make the entire thing move like jello with the shake of the iPhone. You can add funny glasses, mustaches and crazy eyeballs to your photos.

How it works

JigglePic is simple to use and that's one of the reasons why it's so cool. Start the app and you can immediately test it out on a preloaded stock photo of a girl. Touch her face and drag away to distort it. Make her look like an elf with pointy ears, or fatten her up. When you're done laughing, shake your device or pinch the photo to make it boune around like jello.

You can of course load your own photos. That's what makes it funny! You can turn your friends into weirdos and then shake the bejesus out of them! Everything is done from this one screen, no confusing controls, just pure fun.

Want more?

JigglePic offers both a free and a pro version. Picture manipulation functionality is the same in both versions with the Free being ad supported. Once you have made your funny picture you can save it to the Camera roll, then share the laughs with friends via Email or Facebook from within the App.

JigglePic comes with 12 photos you can have a lot of fun with, although I suspect we're all more interested in what we can do with our own photos.

New update

JigglePic is constantly improving, bringing you all sorts of cool upgrades. Like the latest sticker packs that help you make your pics look funnier than ever. Ever wondered how you'd look with a pair of googly eyes or a funky mustache? Well, now you can see it for yourself. Because, besides being able to distort your face and jiggle it around, with JigglePic you can try on all sorts of looks using these new sticker packs.

Plus, besides being able to share your "masterpiece" on Facebook, you can also tag friends in your jiggle pics. And if you used to hate coming across all those ads while spicing up your pics, with JigglePic Pro, you can forget all about them. Or, if you already have the free version installed, you can simply use in-app purchases to get rid of all the annoying apps. And buy more funny stickers. One quick update, and you're ready to start jiggling.

And if you still have doubts as to whether to give the app a try, have a look at their video demo below.

Ah, yes. They even made their app icon using the app, which is a plus in my book!


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Developer: Natrosoft LLC
Category: Entertainment
Version reviewed: 3.0
Price: FREE

Our Rating

4 / 5

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