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Reign of Conquerors - Minoraxis Inc.

Reign of Conquerors iPhone Game Review.

Mind-blowing graphics. Amazing sound effects and medieval background music. Great game-play and fantastic mechanics. These are a few of the adjectives I'd use to describe Reign of Conquerors for the iPhone, a MMORPG that truly shines. It's available for free right now in the AppStore and is compatible with both your iPhone and iPad. iPhone5 included.

Playing Reign of Conquerors

Although the game has a moderately high level of complexity, its learning curve is suprisingly low. You can pick up the basics in just under 2 minutes of play by completing the first guided quests like building your first structure, training your first units and sending them to battle. After that, through the use of quests, you're easily guided step by step with the rest of the game.

Follow along with the game's quests, step by step and you will likely build a strong kingdom. There are 5 types of quests. The Recommended quests are the ones you should be paying close attention to as they provide a solid path to expanding and strengthening your kingdom. As soon as you complete a recommended quest, you can claim it and another quest takes its place. The Daily quests are renewed daily, so if you don't complete them by within a day, then they are replaced by something else. If you're wondering what buildings you should raise, then the Construction quests are where the best advice comes from. Quests here will help you build and upgrade structures to maximize efficiency.

Completing some Battle quests will strenghten your military might, while Alliance quests will aid you building strong alliances with other players. The last type of quests is the Resources quests, which serve as a rough guide in securing a healthy supply of resources needed to complete the other quests in the game. Since every action you'll undertake with Reigh of Conquerors will rely on the availability of one or more resources, you should make completing these quests a top priority.

Create heroes, not only troops

One big difference between Reign of Conquerors and similar games is the concept of heroes. Heroes are your troop leaders into battle. They can do more damage than your average infantry men and will also earn experience from the battles they fight. When a hero can gain enough experience, they level-up and get awarded points that you can spend to increase their capabitilities in attack, defense, magical powers or speed.

Without a hero on hand, your troops have no one to look to for leadership. Therefore, you can't go into battle without first hiring a hero. They are recruited at the Hall of Heroes, a building you'll have to build as one of the first structures you raise as a new emperor. You'll have your pick of three heroes, each with different abilities, but the list will update every hour.

Going to battle

Obviously, the interesting part of the game is battling other emperors. You can attack other emperors from the Battle screen, just remember why you're raiding their dominion. If it's resources you want, make sure they have it before going to war. If it's to weaken them, study their defences. Always scout ahead if you don't want your troops to be taken by surprise.

But battling other emperors is not the only way to gain resources and other equipment. Under your Battle screen, you'll also see an option for Monsters. Tapping that will bring up a map of dungeons you can enter, but play close attention to the levels of each dungeon's enemies. You don't want to send your troops into a death grip. A dungeon will have 10 layers and each layer will have to be cleared before advancing to the next. As you clear a layer, you'll have the opportunity to claim the reward for that layer or advance to the next layer and forfeit that reward in hopes of something bigger. Of course, the higher the layer, the better the rewards. Just be careful not to risk leaving empty handed from a dungeon. Know your limits!

Get medieval on your friends!

The concepts are the same as in FarmVille, CityVille or any other Ville. You have to build structures to gain resources, build an army and expand your territory. You can forge alliances or attack away as you see fit. You can raid other's kingdoms to earn resources and climb up in the rankings. What sets it apart is the medieval theme beautifully integrated throughout the game. The music, graphics and interactions have a medieval-themed componenet that's designed to pull in fans of genre and new commers alike.

Did I mention you can invite your Facebook friends for awesome rewards and then later forge alliances with them to dominate the world?

Obviously, the game is very complex, and you'll have to discover a whole bunch of things by yourself. But each mechanic is carefully constructed and each layer, be it building, battles or gathering resources, has been developed to tie in nicely to everything else. Reign of Conquerors is a complete game with the only downside that you're bound to lose countless hours playing it. Hardcore MMORPG gamers will definitely have their hands full. Literally.


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Reign of Conquerors
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