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All You Need Is Paper

Posted by Maria Poeana
Paper by FiftyThree - FiftyThree Inc.

Paper by FiftyThree iPad App Review.

Years from now, I think people will no longer use actual notebooks, sketch books or planners. Because who needs to carry all these things around when you have all sorts of apps that help you write down just what you need, when you need it, with a single tap on your light, beautifully designed iPhone or iPad. Can't think of any of these apps that could make your life easier? Well, then let me introduce you to Paper. Apple's pick for 2012's iPad app of the year, available on the AppStore, of course.

Who needs paper, when there's Paper

Paper is literally all the paper you need no matter what you are looking to do. Write down your ideas, draw a chart, make a sketch, take notes...all you need is Paper. Forget about buying tons of notebooks. With Paper, you have all the notebooks you need. As many pages as you need. Customized just the way you want them to. Who needs actual paper, when you have Paper?

Write, draw, flip, modify, customize & add as many notebooks and pages for free

With Paper, you can have as many notebooks, with as many pages, and write as much as you want with a pen and 6 different colors, for free. You can share your pages with your fiends on Facebook, Twitter or Email. You can easily flip pages just like you would on an actual notebook. Or modify your pages by erasing, undoing or using the drag and drop option to move information and drawings from one page to another. And you can also change the name and cover of your notebooks just the way you want to. Choose from the cover models Paper offers, or put whatever picture you want from your Photo Library. It's your choice. And all this is absolutely free.

Buy more to get the most out of Paper

Now, this is the basic stuff you can do with Paper. If you're looking for more, well Paper has more to offer. You can purchase all sorts of different writing and sketching tools, from pencils to outliners and brushes. And you can also test them before purchasing, to make sure they're just what you need. You can buy a mixer to play with colors, combine them, and create your own palette. When it comes to writing and sketching, Paper has it all.

Taking all these things into consideration, I guess I can understand why Paper is the app of the year. Firstly because it's way cheaper and more eco-friendly to use Paper than actual notebooks, pencils, pens and other writing/drawing tools. And since, with Paper, you handwrite and draw, it feels as natural as the real thing. Plus, how many times have you dreamt of having your own personalized notebook with your favorite brand, show, movie or an image that only you have on the cover? All this is possible now with Paper. And I think there's still more Paper can offer in the future than it already does.


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Paper by FiftyThree
Developer: FiftyThree Inc.
Category: Productivity
Version reviewed: 1.2.5
Price: FREE

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