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EasyChinese K1 for iPad

Posted by Scott Golby
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EasyChinese K1 iPad App Review.

The name itself is certainly a bold claim of it's own, with over 3,000 characters the Chinese written language is one of the worlds most complex. The good news is ZiCool Studio have a solid collection of apps in this area and EasyChinese K1 is up to it's 5th version and works very smoothly.

Basic Features

  • Each character is displayed as a Chinese speaker pronounces the word
  • 5  options are available
  • Play audio (default option for each character)
  • Detail of Character - down the bottom it shows some sentences where you might see the character in use
  • Writing - An animated display of the brush strokes needed to write the character
  • Meaning - A list of the different meanings for the character
  • Writing Practice - Using the touch screen you can practice drawing the character
  • 400 Chinese characters are presented - arranged in 20 lessons

The selection of characters included in K1 makes reference to the lists of new words in the PEP's handbook of 1st semester Grade 1.

  • EasyChinese K1  iPad App screenshot
  • EasyChinese K1  iPad App screenshot

Practice Tests

After going through the first lesson you get have the option to take a test under the assessing button on the main screen.  A word is spoken out loud and a choice of 6 characters is presented to choose from with a timer at the top.  Upon choosing correctly a small child in a voice over congratulates you and a tree starts to grow on the left hand side, the effect is quite cute.

EasyChinese K1 is a professionally put together app, the main use I feel is for learning the written characters in the Chinese language.  I would have liked to see a couple of different speakers for each word (male & female), there are a couple of voices recorded and one has a auto-tune quality to it, while others are more natural sounding.  If you are working on your reading & written Chinese give it a try.

Also by ZiCool Studio - EasyChinese K2 EasyChinese K3 EasyChinese K4 EasyChinese K5 EasyChinese K6EasyChinese K8 EasyChinese K9 EasyChinese K10 and EasyChinese Pinyin aimed at children of Chinese parents living overseas.

We recently did a review for a travel app called Skyyer which has modules for Shanghi, Macau & a Beijing one coming soon.


  • EasyChinese K1  iPad App screenshot
  • EasyChinese K1  iPad App screenshot

EasyChinese K1

Developer: ZiCool Studio
Category: Education
Updated: May 19, 2011
Price: $3.99 - special this weekend $1.99

Our Rating

3 / 5

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