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A Must Have Player: Replayer HD

Posted by Maria Poeana
ReplayerHD - OneMoreTimes

ReplayerHD iPad App Review.

Watching movies and all sorts of other videos on your iPad is extremely fun. It's comfortable and the best thing about it is that you can watch what you want, whenever and wherever you are. Goodbye long, boring hours spent in trains. Farewell ordinary bus rides to school. With your iPad, you can catch up on your favorite TV shows no matter where you are. As long as they are downloaded from iTunes. But what if they're not? Well, that might have been a pricey problem before, but now you can easily solve it with Replayer HD. And it's totally free of charge.

What is Replayer HD

I was actually a bit skeptical about Replayer HD, because, truth be told, it looked like one of those apps that are just too good to be true. But once I transferred a home movie (avi format), Replayer HD proved to be, indeed, a wonder app. From a crystal clear image, to interchangeable subtitles, to all sorts of other useful features, Replayer HD is the player to have on your iPad.

Although, at first, you might get a bit confused not knowing how to actually start playing a video, once you download it from your computer, using your WiFi connection and a link Replayer HD provides, it's a piece of cake to enjoy this player. Your movies are automatically saved in one place, your subtitles in another, and when you play the movie, there's no need to worry about checking the subtitles to see if they work properly or if the player detected them. No matter how many subtitles you downloaded for a movie, you can easily move back and forth from one to another with a single tap on the subtitle icon at the bottom of the screen. And you don't even need to pause the video.

All the options you need with one free player

But Replayer HD has even more to offer to make the viewing experience even better! You can easily share movie snapshots via Email and Facebook, or send them through a text message. You can stop the movie at a certain point, bookmark it and watch it later from that point on. You can have Replayer HD divide the movie into 5 minute captions to easily pick the part you want to watch straight from the Thumbnail Index. Lock the screen, use Replayer HD as an audio player while it's in the background, play with the video image, resize it, and so on.

I know what you're thinking. There must be at least one thing wrong with this app. It must at least have ads. And, indeed, it does. But even the ads aren't as big as a problem as you might think. If you just tap on one of them when the video starts playing, there will be no other apps popping out on the screen until you finish watching the video. Sounds reasonable, right?

The app supports a plethora of video and audio formats, including mp4, avi, mpg, mpeg, asf, flv, mkv, m4v, mov, wmv, vob, swf, ts, tp, rmvb, divx, kg3, mts, and m2ts. or mp3, m4a, rm, wma, wav, ogg, and 3gp for audios.

Rarely do I find myself enjoying an app, especially a player, as much as I enjoyed Replayer HD. It's free and it offers all the necessary options to get the most out of watching movies and all sorts of other videos on your iPad. Replayer HD is great the way it is. And it's got a good chance of becoming one of the most downloaded free players in the AppStore, if it keeps it up this way.


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Developer: OneMoreTimes
Category: Entertainment
Version reviewed: 1.9.0
Price: FREE

Our Rating

5 / 5

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