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JumiOne iPhone App Review.

If you're running Windows and would like total control over your PC via your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad, JumiOne is a good choice to look at. It's an all in one desktop, remote, keyboard, mouse, webcam and media controller for your PC.

To get it working you need two things. An iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad with JumiOne installed and a PC running Windows with the JumiController (available free of charge from installed and running. Minor configurations are required in the Jumi Controller (like a password and/or enabling guest access), and JumiOne will autodetect the PCs in range running the controller and will prompt you for the password in order to connect.

While the app itself is free to download, there's not much you can do without those in-app purchases. JumiOne is merely the app that brings together another set of apps that are available for purchase via in-app purchases. I'll quickly go through each of them and lay them out for you. While some of these do have a lite version that you can access without a purchase, they have limitations, as you might have guessed, and purchasing the full version is encouraged if you're looking for a more professional app.


You have two versions of this little app: JumiMouse+ and JumiMouse+ Gamers Edition. The difference between the two is the professional virtual joystick controller that the Gamers Edition comes bundled with.

The app basically allows you to control your PC mouse and keyboard via your mobile's device touchscreen. The underlying problem here is that the wider your monitor and the higher your resolution on your PC, the smaller everything will be on your touchscreen. I have a 14" notebook running at 1280x800, and it was pretty difficult to double click folders and files.

JumiMouse+ is sold at $3.99 as an in-app purchase.


This basically allows you to control the webcam on your PC. Once you start this app, the webcam on your PC will be automatically turned on, and you're off transmitting. You get to see everything on the touchscreen, which is pretty neat. I've actually enjoyed this app quite a bit, even with the 1-2 seconds delay that I got, even for higher frame rates.

JumiCam allows you to take a snapshot and post it to Facebook or Twitter. The app sells for $4.99 as an in-app purchase.


It will open up Winamp or your player of choice and let you play music from your playlist. To make it clear, you're playing music on the PC, while controlling it from your touchscreen. No audio is streamed to your iPhone. You can control volume, play, pause, or scroll through a song. However, if the volume is muted on the PC, you can't enable it via this app.

One problem that I've found for JumiAmp and JumiFly (described below) is that you can't quit this app and go back to the JumiOne "base" app. You need to quit the JumiOne app altogether and then restart it. If you have auto-connect enabled, you'll go back to the same app you previously had opened (JumiApp or JumiFly) and you're back where you started.

JumiAmp sells at $3.99 as an in-app purchase.


One of the more entertaining apps bundled in JumiOne. Because not everything is serious and business, in JumiFly you get to spawn and control a fly on your PC's desktop via the touchscreen. Shake the device to show/hide the fly and choose one of the modes to control it. Your fly can either follow your touch on the touchscreen (touch and drag) or it can follow the PC's cursor by itself.

There's are a few more nice gimmicks here to mention. Double-tapping the touchscreen will make the fly poop on your Desktop PC. And you also have an airplane mode, where your fly will shoot green laser darts at incoming airplanes. The battlefield is your entire PC screen real-estate. There's a score also, and your fly has 5 lives. It was actually pretty fun to see this little trick in action.

JumyFly is sold as an in-app purchase for $1.99.

Honorable mentions

For those business types out there, there's JumiPresenter (sold for $5.99) which allows you to control a Powerpoint presentation from your iPhone running on your PC. JumiGamer is actually a virtual gaming controller/integrated keyboard for all you gaming geeks out there. I must admit I didn't test out this one as I didn't have any games on my notebook that can take advantage of this.

An interesting concept

All in all, JumiOne is an interesting concept, but I think perhaps the realization is too complex for my liking. A lot of these apps can be combined, so that the user doesn't have to spend a fortune on what is in the end a Remote Controller for their desktop PC. By doing the math, you're looking at $26, which is more than I'd like to pay for what it offers.


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Developer: JumiTech
Category: Utilities
Updated: December 3rd, 2010
Price: FREE

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3 / 5

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